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3 Grooming Items Available in SA to Give You a Boost this Winter

We find 3 local items to help get your grooming-game back on track this winter.

Jeremy Proome



The colder months across South Africa can throw some curveballs to your grooming regime, whether or not you’re dealing with the wetter climate in the Cape, the dryer challenges up north, or something in between. We’ve highlighted 3 products that can keep you fresh this winter.

Sorbet Man Charcoal gel moisturiser

Price: R129

Obviously, keeping your skin healthy and hydrated is key during winter, and Sorbet has a great range of somewhat affordable and effective skincare solutions. Our current favourite is the Sorbet Charcoal Gel moisturiser, which is easy to apply, has a great fragrance, and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving you feeling hydrated and ready to tackle the day.

Hugo Boss

Price: R2,165

Hugo Boss has been introducing some amazing scents for men over the past few seasons, and their latest release, Hugo Intense, has to be one of the best. Featuring a base of zesty red grapefruit and lime, and blending it into red apple and spicy cinnamon, it has a somewhat sweet hint to it. However, its undertones of Red Leather accord, Patchouli, and Cedarwood create lasting intensity, taking the aroma up a notch.

Clere for Men Smooth Body Lotion

Price: R27.99

Obviously, your face is one thing, but keeping your body moisturised is another key thing to remember during winter. The trusty brand that is Clere For Men has launched the new Smooth range, designed specifically for men seeking fresh, even skintone. With a unique blend of Vitamin B3 and Marula, Clere For Men Smooth lotion and crème offer a comprehensive range of benefits that men prioritise in their skincare routine. From moisturisation to nourishment, a fresh skin feel to a captivating fragrance, and achieving an even skin tone, Clere For Men Smooth delivers it all in one smooth offering.

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