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10 Games We Can’t Wait to Play in April 2017

Games of April 2017

April is a biggie, and we take a look at 10 games we’re dying to get our hands on!

After surviving the ridiculousness of April Fools, we can now take comfort in the fact that everything we read on the internet is true. Well… probably not, but one guaranteed truth is that April is looking to be a cracking month for gaming. So, looking ahead to the gaming fiesta that awaits gamers, here are the 10 most anticipated games of April 2017:

Persona 5

Release date: 4 April 2017 (PS4, PS3)

The Persona franchise may not be a colossal-name series, but it’s got a hearty following of dedicated fans, and for good reason. Persona 5 is a role-playing game that follows a group of troubled high school students living in a world ruled by corrupted and twisted adults (sounds familiar, right?). In order to seek freedom, liberation and justice, they live dual lives as rebellious Phantom Thieves of Heart and use otherworldly powers to enter the hearts of people in order to re-shape and transform them. The Persona series is an odd one – the spin-off franchise to a spin-off franchise of an obscure Japanese game about demons, but the series has always delivered. It deals with a complex and mature storyline exploring the psychology of its cast, while delivering some of the most robust JRPG gameplay on the market.

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Drawn to Death

Release date: 4 April 2017 (PS4)

Drawn to Death is a stellar-looking multiplayer action game that throws players into the pages of a high school kid’s note book. David Jaffe (God of War, Twisted Metal) is the creator behind this one, and the hand-drawn art direction gives this shooter/brawler hybrid a heavily stylised look. The game was originally supposed to be a free-to-play title but has shifted to a normal pay-to-play model, and the launch levels will feature 7 unique maps including Alientown, Bloodbath, Flood, and more.The game also includes 26 weapons at launch and are designed with their own pros and cons to keep matches even. The launch modes include Organ Donor, Classic Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch, Core Deathmatch/Team Core Deathmatch, and Brawl.

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PaRappa the Rappa: Remastered

Release date: 4 April 2017 (PS4)

It’s been 20 years since the rhyme-spitting rhythm game PaRappa The Rapper debuted on PS1. To celebrate the anniversary, a remastered version of the game is coming out. Sporting high-res graphics with smoother lines and textures, upgraded audio with CD-quality music, additional alternative audio tracks, Trophy support, and plenty of other features, PaRappa The Rapper Remastered is a great way to celebrate the iconic series. It’s a classic game, and on top of the other upgrades, the remastered version adds in 4K support on top of 1080p resolution on PS4 Pro. It also takes advantage of the DualShock 4’s capabilities. The DualShock 4 will act as a metronome to help players feel the beat to keep better by vibrating in turn with the fast-paced musical rhythms. There is also an option to enlarge the player icon to better know when to hit the beat.

How much does it cost? R239 on the Playstation Store. Click here for the best price on PSN vouchers.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

Release date: 7 April 2017 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

One of our favourite games of last generation, Bulletstorm, is getting a remastered release for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC this month. Falling somewhere between Tony Hawk Pro Skater game and a first-person shooter, Bulletstorm gives you a playground of death and destruction as you earn style and skill points for how you kill enemies. The Full Clip Edition has been updated with hi-res textures, increased polygon counts, sterling audio, and smoother frame rates — all running in up to 4K resolution on PC and PS4 Pro — and this new version of Bulletstorm comes with all of the previously-released add-ons along with all-new content.

How much does it cost?  R779 on the PSN store | R415.65 on Steam | R487.90 on Xbox Marketplace


Release date: 11 April 2017 (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch)

Old-school 3D platformers are in dire need in the gaming landscape of today, but Yooka-Laylee is set to change that. Beginning as a pie-in-the-sky Kickstarter project, Yooka-Laylee garnered some serious attention from gamers who managed to provide more than enough funding for the game. With some quality pedigree in the development team (with some members being a part of the original Banjo-Kazooiestudio, Rare), Yooka-Laylee is looking to be a love-letter to long-time gamers and to remind the new generation of the colourful jumping days of yesteryear.

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Outlast 2

Release date: 25 April 2017 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

The follow-up to 2013’s terrifying first-person horror game trades in a derelict psychiatric hospital for the isolated Arizona desert. You play as journalist Blake Langermann, who along with wife Lynn, are investigating the murder of a young pregnant woman. Armed only with your camcorder and unable to defend yourself, you’ll have to run and hide as you unravel the mystery of what happened to Jane Doe.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

Release date: 25 April 2017 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

The Sniper: Ghost Warrior games have found quite the following of FPS fans and those who just enjoy shooting things accurately in the face, and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, the latest instalment in the franchise, is looking to take things to new heights. The sequel will play into the various gameplay styles highlighted by the title, namely: Sniper, Ghost, and Warrior – the first being purely long-range sniping focused, the second using up-close, stealth melee attacks, and Warrior being a more aggressive, guns-blazing approach.

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Little Nightmares

Release date: 28 April 2017 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Little Nightmares is one of our most anticipated games of 2017, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, you should take notice. This creepy adventure platformer is one of the eeriest and interesting looking games arriving this year, and after some great reception when showed at Gamescom, expectations are high. In the game, players take on the role of Six, a small creature trying to survive a strange and frightening place known as the Maw. Little Nightmares uses puzzles, exploration, stealth and physics-based platforming to immerse the game in one of the most unique looking games in years.

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Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III

Release date: 27 April 2017 (PC)

Fans of monsters and men going head-to-head will be glad to know that Dawn of War 3 is releasing this month. The PC game — based on Games Workshop’s morbidly violent Warhammer 40K universe of space battles — is being developed by Relic Entertainment, also known for the Company of Heroes series of World War II real-time strategy games. Previous titles in the Dawn of War series were released to general acclaim in 2004 and 2009. Dawn of War 3 features base building and overhead-view strategic deployment of Space Marines, Eldors and Orks as they fight for terrain and for resources. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as special abilities. Players can also construct special super units that cause massive damage to regular grunts.

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Release date: 28 April 2017 (Switch)

First released on Wii U in 2014, Mario Kart 8 is jumping tracks to Nintendo Switch with all of the game’s DLC, new courses, new characters (for a total of 42), new vehicles, and a revamped Battle mode. Up to four players can play splitscreen on the TV, or you can undock the Switch and play two players, and up to 12 players can play online or in LAN multiplayer mode. Basically, any way you configure the Switch, you can always be racing.

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