Streamline Your Pocket With this Spine Titanium Wallet

The spine wallet takes that minimalist idea and puts it to the extreme

Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, ear phones, or wallets, every accessory and piece of technology is becoming more and more streamlined – shedding weight and size in favour of a more compact and less noticeable form factor. Even the fashion industry currently features a noticeably minimalist trend where anything other than the essentials are shunned. Spine is a company that launched its Titanium Wallet project on Kickstarter and have now begun producing it in larger quantities. They dub it the “world’s thinnest minimalist wallet”, which, from images, appears to be a believable claim.

While we’re used to wallets being made of leather or canvas of some sort and featuring clasps, velcro, or button clips, the Titanium Wallet, priced at $29.99 (around R390) has none of these features – in fact it somewhat redefines what our concept of a wallet is. Made from exceptionally hardy, grade 5 titanium, the wallet is actually something you keep your money on and not in. Its functionality is aided by a strong strap that goes across the middle of the titanium sheet, where one can put necessary cash and cards. The robust strap then secures said cards and cash to the slim metal sheet.

Spine Wallet Titanium

If card-carrying convenience wasn’t enough, the credit-card-sized titanium sheet also features a cut-out designed to be used as a bottle opener, making it minimalist as well as multi-functional.

Converting from a full-sized wallet to something that can carry so little might seem unorthodox for most, but if you consider how many of the contents in your current wallet are actually essential, you may realise something like the Titanium Wallet makes a bit of sense. Most of us generally requires our cash, a debit and credit card, a driver’s license, and perhaps a security card for work, or a couple of frequently used loyalty cards. Do we need to carry that expired Gautrain card from 2013, or the Exclusive Books loyalty card you were guilt-tripped into signing up for by a desperate assistant? Probably not.

Think of the 5 things in your wallet you use most frequently, and chances are it’ll fit snuggly beneath the elastic strap of this wallet.

You can buy the Spine Titanium Wallet online here.

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