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5 New Sunglasses for Summer 2017

We take a look at the latest Summer range from Persol and identify some favourites.




The Persol brand is a name that’s synonymous with style and tradition to those well versed in the eyewear. Guiseppe Ratti founded the luxury eyewear brand back in 1917 and aimed to provide durable sunglasses for both athletes and aviators. The company is known for a set of traditionally iconic frame designs, but they’re continually adding elements of more modern inspiration evident in their 2017 range. Immediately recognised by the metal arrow at the hinges and their proprietary design elements, we’re going to look at some of the standout models from their latest collection.


The 649 is hands down Persol’s most popular and recognised design, most known for its often crisp blue lenses and the distinctive accents at the bridge. The 649 was famously a staple for actor and style icon Steve McQueen, and many have followed in his stead by adopting this effortlessly-cool model. Due to the rounder lenses and curved shape, the 649 is better suited to square face shapes since the rounded frame will balance out angular features. This year’s release sees them add two new colour variants in a traditional tortoise shell pattern, available in two different lens colours: Havana blue and grey, and Havana grey and black.



The 649S takes many of its visual cues from the 649 but pares them down a bit to achieve a more minimalist and slender profile. Those looking for a more lightweight frame, but many that find the shape of the 649 appealing can find a healthy compromise in this model. The 649S will likely suit the same face shapes that are enhanced by the normal 649 model.

Persol PO9649S 24 57


The 3193 maintains some of the signature visual features of the 649, but incorporates them into a chunkier, square frame. The “key hole” shape of the bridge and the steel arrow at the temples is carried across, but the rest of the frame is far more angular and square off in a more robust design. Rounder, fuller face shapes benefit more from square-lensed frames, but square designs tend to flatter most face shapes in general. This design comes in a broad range of frame colours combined with several lens colours too.



Rounded, metal frames that typify a design usually associated with aviation, characterises the 2445 model and makes for a slimmer silhouette. The far more rounded lenses are again better suited for square or angular faces, and this model comes in a wide array of Persol’s crystal lenses, with reflective, semi-reflective, and gradient options available in blue, grey and brown polarised tints.



The 2446 lends a lot of its design and shape from the previous model, but rather than being completely rounded, they add a sophisticated and unique angled bottom half of the frame that looks somewhat hexagonal in shape. These share the metallic, thin features of the 2445 but have a more distinctive look at the bottom, and are also available in a variety of frame and lens combinations.


Whether you prefer a more subtle and traditional frame like the 649, or have a penchant for more adventurous eyewear, Persol has something that will cater to every client. After all, if it’s good enough for Steve McQueen surely it’s good enough for us?

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