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Stop Buying Junk, Here’s How to Get High Quality Products from the US & UK

Stick with quality goods and shop with the most reputable retailers and couriers out there.




There’s been a notable rise in new retailers popping up across South Africa, seemingly offering everything under the sun; but the reality is that these online stores are actually based offshore, and for the most part, are offering products that (to put it lightly) vary in quality quite dramatically.

Anyone who’s looked up some online reviews of products from these stores will have surely spotted the meme-worthy reviews, whereby the products themselves are half the size of what was advertised, are made of far more inferior materials than described, or are simply junk-level tech that won’t last a season.

Remember, most of the time, you get what you pay for; and while those ultra-cheap tech and fashion deals appear like great options, most of the time they’re not. Rather shop from reputable and high-quality retailers, who will not only give you the product you ordered, but offer customer support and aftermarket assistance where needed.

How do you access some of these stores from South Africa, though? Just use Postbox Courier, the proudly South African middle-man, of sorts, to help you get international goodies to your doorstep in SA.

So, whether it’s a hard-to-get wristwatch, a pair of limited edition sneakers, or some UK-only tech brand, you don’t have to watch and wait for a friend or relative to travel that side of the world in order to bring it back for you. You can use Postbox Courier to get your hands on anything your heart desires, irrespective of shipping constraints.

Create a free account

All you need to do is sign-up with Postbox Courier and you’ll get your own personal address allocated to you in the US, UK, or other regional depots, then allowing you to use that address when purchasing from US, UK, or other international stores. If they only ship locally, well, you now have a local address — winning!

You’ll also be able to save money, and this is because parcel forwarding companies like Postbox Courier often have local and international courier partners, allowing for the best rates for express shipping, something individual shops won’t be able to offer you.

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Pssst, parcel consolidation saves you money

On top of getting items you wouldn’t usually have access to, Postbox Courier also offers parcel consolidation. This is extremely beneficial for people who shop with multiple retailers or want to bundle a number of international orders into one larger package, in order to save costs doing multiple shipments.

Postbox Courier offers free package consolidation, which is even better and then just leaves you with the singular shipping cost alone.

So, if you have your heart set on something you can’t buy without a US shipping address, then check out Postbox Courier, sign-up for free, and get your dedicated address in New York, London, or in many other key spots around the world. Then, you can shop free from the constraints of shipping restrictions!

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