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Easy Ways for Couples to Enhance Intimacy Without Breaking the Bank

Because pleasure doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.




We get it – making the leap to browse for that first sex toy, let alone buy one, can be daunting. There’s a taboo and concern around shopping online for adult items (South Africans have a tendency to be a little conservative at times). Furthermore, when the time comes to spice up your love-life, the price and wealth of options can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there’s a new toy brand on the scene, along with a discreet and reputable retailer, allowing you to shop for some fun new items without gasping at the price.

Shhhhhh – Easy & Confidential

Firstly, OneNightOnly makes it easy, convenient, fun, and classy. Not only is their website safe, secure, and easy to navigate, but there are some handy tips on there too! Secondly, while OneNightOnly is all about promoting sexual well-being and curiosity, they’re aware some people want a little privacy, so, all items are delivered in full stealth-mode, so to speak! Your goodies are wrapped in plain unmarked boxes, which is then couriered inside the appropriate packaging for the delivery method you have chosen. There is no OneNightOnly branding on the outside of the parcel, and even the return (or sender) address is discreet. OneNightOnly has even taken extra care to list the credit card payment reference discreetly as well!

Affordable O’s

Pleasure doesn’t need to come at a high cost, and EasyToys knows this by introducing a variety of adult toys at reasonable prices while delivering that high-end premium feel and quality, making you feel comfortable and excited with your purchase. EasyToys is an awesome brand new to South Africa that has an incredible reputation for quality and creativity, and has even sponsored a football club in the past!

Designed with love in the Netherlands, the EasyToys brand is committed to its mission: to encourage as many people as possible to discover, experiment, and enjoy themselves, both with others and with themselves. So, there’s nothing to be nervous about — delivering the best sex possible to everyone and believing you should be proud of who you are, regardless of your sexual preferences or interests.

The range includes a variety of masturbators, vibrators, and toys, all with various features and tricks up their sleeves, to enhance solo or couple play.

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So, show yourself some love, make the most of your sex life and let EasyToys provide you with their roadmap to spectacular orgasms!

To check out the full range of goodies available online click here. Don’t forget to say Hi to OneNightOnly and sign-up for the newsletter to receive R100 OFF your first purchase!

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