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Here’s How To Find The Motorcycle For You

Craving something new? Which two-wheel option should you consider?




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Are you craving the open road, chasing sunsets or starting a new and exhilarating journey? Well, motorcycling can be one of the best ways to move around, and if you have a bike-worthy trip coming, then it’s a two-for-one for you. Choosing the right motorcycle for yourself may seem a bit difficult, but fear not, as we have compiled tips on how to choose a motorcycle for yourself, depending on your needs. 

Before Buying The Bike 

When looking for the perfect motorcycle, it is important to look for something that fits your rider level. Experienced riders may feel more comfortable exploring a broader range of motorcycles or have developed a particular preference. So for them, choosing a motorcycle is a walk in the park. 

For new riders, here are some things to consider when wanting the right motorcycle for you: 

  • Lighter-weight motorcycles are recommended as they will make steering, accelerating, and braking easier during your learning experience. 
  • Lower-seat motorcycles are good for you. They will help you plant both feet on the ground when stopping, which is a reassuring safety measure for new riders. 
  • Anti-lock Braking Systems can help you stop quickly and easily. 
  • A cheaper motorcycle is recommended as you may suffer a couple of drops with your new machine while learning. 
  • Choose an all-rounder motorcycle and learn your preference from there. 

Depending on your rider experience, you have a range of options to help you conquer the road (open and otherwise). 

What’s Your Type? 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the options out there for you, their benefits and tips on their affordability. 

Standards Are Changing 

A standard or “naked” motorcycle offers few features as they are used for day-to-day activities. They typically do not include fairings and windshields, and the seat is upright to give you a more natural sitting position. They are typically lower cost and are highly recommended for new riders. 

Double The Fun 

Dual-sport motorcycles are a hybrid of street and off-road motorcycles.  They are equipped for recreational trail riding and are compatible off the road, and their on-road features such as a horn, headlights, turn signals and side-view mirrors make the dual-sport motorcycle a bike with range.  Compared to traditional street bikes, dual-sport motorcycles will typically come with a higher seat, better suspension and higher centre of gravity. Their slight similarities to traditional street motorcycles make them a good choice for riders that are into both on and off-road riding and activities. 

Scoot On Over 

If you are looking for an easier and more convenient way to do your day to day activities like grocery shopping, going to work and more, then a scooter bike might be the best option for you. Scooter bikes for adults have a smaller body and wheel size, are generally quieter due to their small engines and have more built-in storage for those who want to use the scooter for deliveries or storing grocery bags when shopping.  

Many scooters have automatic clutches, making them easier to ride and a good starting point for new riders. 

Vespa 946 Emporio Armani scooter

Making The Bike Buy 

The above should have given you an idea of the kind of motorcycle you might be looking for, and you probably went and looked up its price too. Maybe you are looking for something that is going to take you from point A to point B, or maybe you are into a more sporty and challenging motorcycle for the daredevil that you are. Whatever your needs, you do not have to worry about the price of your motorcycle when you invest in leisure finance or motorcycle finance. With leisure or motorcycle finance, you can take the stress out of accumulating enough money for your new motorcycle and opt for payment options that will suit your pocket. Many financial services providers in South Africa offer leisure finance and have user-friendly websites and contact centres to help you determine the amount you qualify for. 

In Closing, Here’s To The Open Road 

Make your motorcycling dreams come true with the right bike for you and your experience. Do not let affordability be the stumbling block to getting your dream bike. Always remember to purchase a motorcycle based on your rider experience and capabilities, and don’t forget to put safety first. Allow yourself time to decide which motorcycle you will be going for. There are a ton of options for on and off-road bike sales in South Africa, different add-ons you can explore to personalise your bike more, and many service providers and dealers willing to take you through the art of buying and maintaining your new motorcycle. 

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