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A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Drivers Learners License Tests in South Africa

Here’s what you need to know about your K53 Learners License.




It’s never too late to obtain your driver’s license, and the first step is to pass your learners. Having a license to operate a vehicle is not only worthwhile if you can afford a car, but it is also a fantastic tool to make you more employable in these tough economic times.

Whether you’ve just turned 17 or you feel it’s time to learn to drive, this vital information will help you on your journey towards becoming a learner driver in South Africa.

What is a Learner’s License?

A learner’s license is a document that shows you have basic knowledge of a vehicle and the traffic regulations in South Africa. The learner’s permit is valid for 24 months and can’t be renewed upon expiration. Instead, you will be required to retake the learner’s test.

During this period, you are permitted to operate a vehicle within the stipulated code, provided that you are in the presence of a licensed driver.

What is the Process of Obtaining Your Learners?

There are three steps to complete in qualifying for a learner’s license in South Africa.

Step #1: Get a Test Booking

  • Visit a traffic office to book your test. There are 2 learner test options in 2022: One is the old written test with a higher pass rate, and the other is the new computerised exam with a lower pass rate. It’s important to d0 your research in advance.
  • Ensure you take a South African ID/passport and a copy, 4 black and white ID photographs, and R108 for your application fee.
  • Fill out sections A, B, and D of the application form (Form LL1).
  • You must first pass an eye test and obtain a passing grade for your application to be accepted. You will need glasses or contact lenses for the eye examination if you will be driving with them on.
  • You’ll get a receipt with the next feasible date and time for taking the learner’s license test. It’s important to keep your receipt safe as it’s needed on the day of your test.

Step #2: Prepare for Your Learner’s License Test Day

  • It’s important to start studying in advance for the test day as there is a lot of material to cover.
  • will guide you on the process of receiving your essential study material to pass your learner’s first time.

Step #3: Take Your Learner’s Test

  • Always arrive at the traffic department 30 minutes before the arranged time of your test.
  • Take your South African ID or passport, the receipt you received when you booked your appointment, and a R60 issue fee to use if you pass.
  • You will get a printed A4 copy of your learner’s license after you pass your learner’s test.

What Constitutes a Pass?

The test comprises of 4 sections, each of which has an individual pass mark as follows:

  • You must answer 22 out of 30 (74%) questions correctly for the Rules Of the Road section.
  • When it comes to passing Road Signs, Signals and Markings, you must answer 23 of the 30 (77%) questions correctly.
  • Finally, 6 out of 8 (75%) is the pass rate for Controls of the Vehicle.

In Conclusion

Before qualifying for your driver’s, you must pass a learner’s license and practise safe driving, accompanied by a licensed driver. Luckily, if you fail on your first try, you can do the test as many times as you wish. In fact, 50% of citizens fail on the first try.

However, the key to passing your learner’s license is to study hard, learning all the essential rules of the road that you need to know for safe driving.

Furthermore, your learner’s license will be valid for 24 months, after which it will expire. Unfortunately, you will need to repeat the process above if the license expires. So, your best bet is to book your driver’s before it’s too late.

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