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This Pokémon Card Could Earn You R19 Million

Do you own any of these high-value Pokémon cards?




Over the last few years, an unorthodox yet lucrative investment has emerged in the form of Pokémon cards, exemplified by high-profile individuals such as YouTuber Logan Paul, who spent millions acquiring first editions.

Interested in alternative investments, a new study has analysed the latest data from online marketplace eBay to establish which Pokémon cards could earn the most when sold.

According to the most expensive listings, the Japanese Old Back Pokémon Trophy Card NO.2 Neo Spring Battle PSA 9 Pikachu is evaluated at $1,274,523, which puts it at around R19 million.

Here is the list of the most expensive Pokémon cards in the world:

  1. Japanese Old Back Pokémon Trophy Card NO.2 Neo Spring Battle PSA 9 Pikachu$1,274,523
  2. PSA 10 Trophy Kangaskhan Parent & Child Tournament 1998$476,784
  3. 1st Edition Japanese Base Set No Rarity Blastoise 1996 PSA 10 Mint$253,197
  4. Pokémon EX Deoxys # 107 Gold Star Rayquaza Holo PSA 10 Card$99,528
  5. PSA 10 ITALIAN Ivysaur #30 1st Edition GEM 10$74,647
  6. Pokemon Card Machamp 1st Edition 8/102 Hologram$27,245
  7. 1998 Japanese Pokémon Meiji movie promo prism Holofoil card #3 Ancient Mew Gem!$24,883
  8. PSA 10 Pokémon Card Mewtwo GX Promo HR Competition GEM Mint 2019 Japan 364/SM-P$15,427
  9. Pokemon 026 Tropical Wind STAMP PSA 10 PROMO World 2004 Tournament Card Prize$14,929
  10. PSA 10 Pokemon Card Game Gengar Holo Masaki Promo Vending Japanese GEM MT #94$13,934
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