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Under Armour South Africa Launches Performance Eyewear Collection

Under Armour eyewear is here.




It may be easy to just grab any old pair of sunglasses from the shelf of your favourite fashion retailer, but when it comes to finding the best eyewear for sports and an active lifestyle, things get a little trickier. Under Armour is hoping to change that with a new range of stylish, performance eyewear.

Under Armour South Africa continues to take performance innovation to the next level with the unveiling of a new, sports performance eyewear range. The collection has performance, innovation and quality at its core and aims to set the benchmark for athletic eyewear across the globe.

Designed to meet specific athlete needs, whether going for a run or engaging in high-impact sport, the eyewear range protects an athlete’s eyes from harmful rays and enhances player performance. According to Under Armour, the frames have been designed with the lightest weight thermoplastics to provide the highest level of durability and maximum flexibility. The frame construction provides an anatomical fit that auto-adjusts without pressure points, so you won’t feel that side of the head “squeeze” that usually causes discomfort.

The new UA Eyewear range boasts vision performance solutions you’re sure to love. From the scientifically engineered lenses for ultimate visual clarity and precision by sport to the 100% UVA and UVB lenses featuring enhanced impact protection that provide the armour to protect your most valuable asset, your eyes.

There is no bouncing and sliding down off the nose when engaged in high-impact activity, instead, athletes wearing the new UA shades will experience superior comfort and fit that stretches and recovers with your movement to let you perform at your highest levels.


Every Under Armour piece of eyewear offers key performance features and benefits. Whether it’s the nose pads, temples, or lenses Under Armour has taken no shortcuts to ensure this eyewear collection provides long-lasting wear and all-day comfort. UA is built on performance, and the brand says the key to the new eyewear range is making sure athletes are prepared to perform at the highest level with no setbacks.

What’s more, all Performance Sunglass lenses & UA Tunded lenses have a hydro/oleophobic coating applied to the front and back of the lenses. This unique coating repels water, dust, oil and dirt from the lenses, to ensure they stay clean for longer.

Under Armour Eyewear starts from R1,599 per pair. Shop the new UA Eyewear collection online from the Under Armour South Africa website now.

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