Top 5 Gadgets Showcased at CES 2019

We roundup the best gadgets & tech from #CES2019! What innovations make the list?

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 has come and gone this past week and it actually showcased some potentially game-changing tech in multiple fields. From food to transport, we’re going to take a look at the five gadgets that made a big splash at this year’s show!

Hyundai Elevate

So we’ve seen amphibious cars, and that’s pretty impressive, but how about a car that walks? “What the hell are you talking about!?” you say? – this is what I’m talking about:

This is obviously just a concept, but it’s interesting to note that Hyundai (and probably a few other manufacturers) are busy exploring car chassis systems that challenge what we conventionally think of as a car. Don’t expect these in showrooms for quite some time, but they do give us an indication of what the future of the automobile might look like.

The North Face FutureLight Material

High-tech clothing materials are soon going to become the norm for consumer fashion, and The North Face has presented its own proprietary material that they’ve dubbed ‘FutureLight’. It’s a material created through a process they call ‘nanospinning’, which is basically crafting a fabric membrane with tons of small fibres. It results in something that has large enough gaps to allow oxygen to pass through, but small enough to be completely waterproof. This will likely have its first applications in outdoor clothing, but don’t be surprised if similar materials become commonplace before long in almost all garments we wear.

Impossible Burger 2.0

How is a burger a gadget? Well, it isn’t, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. You’re not actually looking at a beef burger, or an ostrich burger, or a burger that contains any kind of meat, for that matter. Despite it’s convincing appearance, and apparently an incredibly convincing taste, this burger’s patty is made completely from soy. It might not seem all that remarkable, but considering how big an issue meat consumption is, the progress to make almost exact replacements using plants is a huge deal for the average consumer.

Bell Nexus

Drones and self-driving cars are both busy developing at a rapid rate – so what would happen if you combined the two? Then you’d pretty much have the Bell Nexus, a six-rotor air taxi that could be the next step of public transportation, at least if Bell has anything to say about it. They say it could be carrying passengers as soon as 2020. Goodbye traffic jams? We hope so.

LG Signature OLED TV

A 65-inch screen with lifelike clarity and resolution – it’s cool and all, but what’s the big deal? Well, in this case, it’s the fact that the Signature isn’t a conventional television screen, because it can roll up into a base and be stored out of sight when it’s not being used. This was merely a prototype at CES 2018, but it’ll actually be available for commercial purchase in 2019… but just prepare yourself for the fact that the price might even make Richie Rich’s eyes water.

Which of these gadgets are you most impressed by? Personally, we can’t wait to own a car that we can take for a tech-heavy walk out in the bushveld!

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