Epic Toys to Indulge in this Christmas!

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From Nerf guns to Lego, here are some toys that’ll unleash your inner-child this festive season!

The festive season is well and truly upon us – and if there’s any time of year where it’s completely acceptable to get in touch with your inner kid again, it’s now! Let’s have a look at a few toys you can nestle under your tree and enjoy.

Nerf Rival Kronos: Phantom Korps

Nerf is best known for their Nerf Dart guns – but they’ve recently amped up their range with their Rival series that has higher velocity rubber balls as the projectiles. The Rival series guns are better compared to paintball and airsoft in execution, and anyone that’s looking for a more affordable (and infinitely cleaner) alternative to paintball needs to look no further than the Nerf Rival series. The Kronos is a pistol that loads up to five projectiles at a time and has a satisfying racking action per shot, and fires its rounds at 27m per second and is impressively accurate. It even comes in a Deadpool themed version for those comic-book buffs!

Bumblebee – Bee Vision AR Experience helmet

With the release of the Transformers prequel Bumblebee hitting cinemas this month, it’s the perfect time to embrace your inner Autobot with the Bee Vision AR experience helmet from Hasbro. After downloading the companion app and slotting your device into the mask, users will be able to enjoy an AR shooting-gallery type game, whereby you can use your arms as blasters to take down some notable Decepticons, like Starscream and Megatron. It’ll provide some fun for adults and a perfect gift for a younger relative this holiday season.

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Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Lego and Star Wars have had a very successful and insanely fun collaboration for quite some time, but no matter how much time goes by and new pieces are released, the best of the bunch is still the Millennium Falcon. It’s got a cartload of pieces and will take some serious dedication to put together – but once you’ve got it there, you’ll be able to display possibly the coolest Lego piece that exists.

Catan: Game of Thrones

Need to get your GoT fix while we’re waiting for Winter to Come? Well nothing will complement your multi-season binge of Game of Thrones like the Catan: GoT board game where you become the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Instead of destroying everyone’s happiness in the house on Christmas with Monopoly, rather defend Westeros and nerd out a bit with Catan.

DJI Spark Drone

Want to get into drones but don’t want to sell a kidney to finance it? The DJI Spark is the perfect place to start. It’s got some of the proprietary features that make DJI’s drones so easy to use and functional, but doesn’t come with a prohibitive price-tag attached. It packs a lot of punch into its diminutive package and offers a lot of value for hobbyists that want to cut their teeth in the drone game.

Funko Pop Holiday Groot

Celebrate the release of the amazing Avengers: Endgame trailer and general Marvel fandom with this holiday-themed Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Sure, you could get any of the other cool Funko Pop figures, but ‘tis the season to be jolly, and what’s jollier than a dancing baby Groot?

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