The World’s First Flying Production Car is Here

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Introducing, the Pal-V!

This concept of a flying car is something that kids usually think of as being a cool idea which ‘should’ve been done by now’, but one would imagine it’s an impractical and difficult thing to actually design and feasibly produce. Dutch manufacturer PAL-V has done it, though, with their Liberty model, that manages not only to get you from A to B on tarmac, but can also take to the skies if the driver (pilot?) wishes to do so.

It has a 200 horsepower engine that can push it to 160 km/h on the road, and that will also take it to around 180km/h by air when it’s in its flight mode, and has space for the driver as well as a single passenger.

One snag that’s luckily going to make this a difficult car to legally use (beyond the eye-watering €300,000 price tag), is that it will require a flying and driving license to use.

The Liberty is currently going through its final steps of safety certification and was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show, and will likely go on sale from 2019.

Despite it’s incredibly high price, it will seemingly be cheaper to own and maintain that the average helicopter, while also doubling as a car. Sitting in gridlocked traffic and won’t make it home in time for dinner? Nothing some helicopter rotors and a pilot’s license can’t cure.

If you want to cough up the cash, pre-order your Pal-V Liberty here.

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