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SA Start-Up is About to Change the Insurance Game

Pineapple brings a new perspective to covering your goods!




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When you think of insurance, your skin probably crawls; whether it be due to the admin of issuing a claim or getting covered, it’s often an inconvenient, prolonged process. It feels like something that’s unnecessarily lengthy and should be made quicker and more accessible to clients.

Well, South African startup Pineapple is going to take some of the hassle out of getting some of your personal belongings insured – and like everything these days, it means using an app. Getting things covered, like cameras, gaming consoles, jewellery, sports equipment, furniture, or appliances, can be done in an easy three-step process

Firstly – you download the app. Nice and easy there.

Secondly – you need to take a photo of the item you want to get covered in the app. Once you’ve taken the photo, you’ll receive a quote on the item in question, and you can have it covered at the press of a button.

Thirdly – you can even withdraw unused premiums at the end of each year. All the premiums you’ve paid to cover items through their platform can be taken out.

Another aspect that sets them apart is coverage convenience, because it runs on a month-to-month basis meaning that you can cancel on the app at any stage. Usually reconfiguring your insurance setup takes a lot of back and forth with a consultant, and it’s difficult to get things covered just how you want them. With Pineapple there’s less hassle and a lot more control in your hands regarding what is covered, when it’s covered, and for how long you want to have it covered.

If you’ve been frustrated one too many times when trying to get personal items insured, visit their site to find out more about them and see if you don’t want to switch to something much more streamlined for your insurance needs.

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