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Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoes About to Become a Commercial Reality

Are you ready to pay the price, though?




When Marty McFly visited the year 2015 in Back to the Future II, he experienced a bunch of sci-fi innovations that people could only dream of way back in 1989. Among the coolest of those were his self-lacing Nike sneakers, which required nothing more than slipping them on and letting the laces themselves do all the work.

It has seemed like unattainable fiction for a very long time, despite the existence of some mock-ups that are similar to those in the movies (which carry an insane price tag and even more outlandish design), but these game-changing items of footwear haven’t been made available to the average consumer. That’s all about to change now, though – as the Nike HyperAdapt is going to be brought to market soon enough that you won’t need to time travel to get your hands on them. Granted, they don’t look as futuristic as the Air Mags from Back to the Future did, but they still look pretty good:

The sneakers are for casual wear at the moment, but like a lot of Nike tech, it’s likely to migrate to sport eventually, too. The main benefit to self-lacing shoes is that they can be adjusted on the fly and loosened if need be, which would come in handy for athletes in sports like basketball, rugby, football, or American football, who have to lace their boots exceptionally tightly to maintain traction and facilitate quick directional changes and sprints.

With self-lacing shoes, it’ll be possible to loosen them and re-tighten them quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Check out how they work here:

This is a technology Nike’s been chasing since Back to the Future II first came out, and even though the HyperAdapt is aimed at the general consumer, it’s still releasing at a wallet-destroying price of $720 (over R10,000) initially, so they’re not exactly your average pairs of Air Force Ones. But as time goes by, it’s likely the tech will filter down into more affordable models.

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