5 Reasons You Should Get On Board with Wireless Charging

Wire you even still considering it?

Much like the skills of Lionel Messi, wireless charging can be seen as a form of black magic. But what exactly is it all about? Well, it’s not as frightening, dangerous, and confusing as one might think, and there are some great benefits to using the technology; so we’ve rounded up five reasons wireless charging can be a win for your smartphone.

Well, it’s wireless

The most notable and obvious reason for wireless charging is the lack of cords or wires to your device. This allows you to charge your phone on a whim without having to track down that elusive charger your sister/brother/girlfriend [insert thieving family member] took. It also makes the process quicker and less complicated, giving you a stationary charging point rather than finding the right adaptor and plug-point to use.

It’s safer

While many think there’s side-effects of wireless charging, it’s actually the safer option. With no wires or direct connection to charging elements and conductors, there’s less risk of electrical shock. Which means no more fiddling with that flea-market charger or sketchy plug from the 1970s.

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Wear and tear

It may seem minor, but constantly plugging your phone in and out of chargers can damage the input slot on your device (we’ve all had that one phone with a wobbly charging port). Think about it, if you’re charging once a day, that’s 365 times a year you’re plugging your phone in. This can deteriorate charging cables and your device itself.

Changing technologies

Easily the biggest bane of having a smartphone is hoping that our friends’ will have the charger for your device. iPhone users never have Android chargers, and Android users never have iPhone chargers (it’s just the way things are), but wireless charging solves that issue. No cables means that means you don’t have to deal with the headache about whether your device has the microUSB port, the newer USB-C port, or the iPhone proprietary USB port.

It’s the future

Wireless charging will inevitably become the norm of the industry. Many international airports and hotels have already implemented wireless charging desks, which is a huge win for jetsetters; and it’s a whole lot more dignified than crawling around a foreign airport looking for a plug-point and adaptor that resembles a hillbilly’s teeth.

And it’s not just the first world that’s on board with the wireless charging revolution. South Africa’s very own charging and power aficionados, Richarge, offer wireless charging stations and other great battery-filling solutions. Check out Richarge on Twitter for news and updates.


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