5 Epic Close Animal Encounter Caught by Drones

Technology meets the animal kingdom in these amazing drone videos!

Animals are pretty awesome. From the majestically beautiful to the downright frightening, there’s nothing quite like getting an up-close look with some of nature’s most epic animals, and thanks to the godsend that are drones, we can get a perspective on these creatures like never before. We’ve rounded up 5 of the most amazing animal encounters ever caught by drone:

Close-up with the king

This mesmerising footage using a Parrot Bebop 2 drone gives us an unprecedented look at a couple of lions in a South African game park. We get to see a large male lion looking curiously and playfully at the drone along with his lioness mate. Epic stuff.

The power below

These surfers were oblivious to the massive Great White Shark lurking just below their boards. In this amazing drone footage, we get a bird’s-eye-view of this huge shark swimming towards an unaware surfer and then a populated beach.

Drones have become such invaluable tools for photogrphy and conservation, that weFix has announced a partnership that will see a donation of these sought-after devices to the non-profit organisation Shark Spotters for increased and targeted surveillance off two of the City’s beaches most vulnerable to shark interaction. A great initiative that you can learn more about here.

Whale of a time

This footage captured by Denver-born filmmaker Patrick Dykstra shows massive blue whales moving gracefully near the surface of the ocean as an awe-struck diver watches on. The stunning drone footage captures the enormous mammals from above, while in other shots a kayaker paddles just metres from one of the awe-inspiring creatures.

Polarised perspective

A curious polar bear pokes a hovering drone with her mighty paw on the isolated Somerset Island. Wildlife filmmaker Patrick Dykstra was filming on Somerset Island, in a remote part of Nunavut, Canada, when he spotted a polar bear and her two cubs. After carefully approaching her with his drone, the trio grew curious and came closer to investigate. Rearing up on her hind legs, the protective mother swiped at the drone camera before hurrying her cubs off.

Cheeky cats

What happens when you take a Cheetah for a walk with a drone? YouTuber Nadine Sykora found out when she visited South Africa’s Living with Cheetahs Volunteer Project. While learning about raising, releasing and the conservation work with cheetahs in Southern Africa, we also get to see this playful cat having a go at the drone.

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