Sock & Style Maestro Nic Harry on South Africa’s Conservative Fashion Style

Nic Harry

Founder of NicHarry, Nicholas Haralambous, gives his thoughts on the state of male fashion in SA! founder and sock aficionado Nicholas Haralambous, is a man who’s seen the ins and outs of the South African fashion scene; but while his own style and company’s philosophy is based on risks and flamboyancy, he can’t help but to notice the hesitancy that South African men suffer when it comes to fashion.

“In general, I think that men are scared to embrace who they are or want to be in terms of their style choices,” Haralambous explains. “We look to the stronger personalities in our group of friends and let them guide our sense of style. Sadly, if you step out of those bounds you will often be ridiculed. This is what we’re trying to fight. If your mates want to wear a leopard skin print collared shirt, you should embrace that and support it.”

Haralambous adds that the lack of rules or parameters in fashion should give men the confidence to try something different with their looks, and that’s something they promote at

“Our entire focus is on men having the right to choose. That means that you can choose to wear pink socks. You can choose to wear one pink and one purple sock if you’d like. We won’t hold it against you if you want to choose plain black bamboo socks either. If you’re doing it because it’s what you choose to do, we support that.”

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The problem though, as Haralambous explains, is that South African males are too conservative when it comes to dressing, but things are changing.

“There are pockets of style that emerge in areas around the country, but overall men still oppress other men when it comes to style. It’s tough to have your own style. You can be as crazy as you like in SA, as long as you fall within the light blue collar shirt and kalahari brown chinos uniform. This is frustrating and sad.

“We have also noticed that sometimes men allow their style to be influenced by what their partner thinks is socially acceptable, and to that we say, embrace your individuality, don’t oppress it for anyone.”

Images via Danillo Turilli Photography

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