Lions Star Robbie Coetzee on Fashion & His Personal Style Inspiration

Robbie Coetzee gives his insight to his trademark style, fashion inspirations, & what to look for when shopping.

On the field he’s known for his strength and stamina, but off the field he’s a down to earth gentleman who enjoys some R&R and shopping!

We caught up with professional rugby player, Robbie Coetzee, and got the low down on his styling secrets!

– How would you describe your personal style?
Minimalistic – less is more.

– Who is your Style inspiration, and why?
I believe in creating your identity and style personality, but I really like a classic look like David Beckham.

– What is your must-have fashion accessory for this season?
A tailored suit! You can play it up as smart or casual.

– What is your most treasured fashion accessory and why?
A Fossil watch that is engraved, that i received from my girlfriend.

– Who would you say is the most stylish male celebrity, and why? 
I am a huge fan Hugh Jackman – he has a classic style, and doesn’t look like he tries too hard!

– What is the most you have ever spent on a fashion item, and what was it?
I would rather not say haha, let’s just say it was a lot!

– What is your go-to styling store?
You’ll always find me in Cotton On. They have a great variety of styles and different fashion items to choose from.

– Favourite fashion brand?
I would definitely go with Calvin Klein, and I really like BEAR Underwear.

– What is the one piece of advice you would give someone when selecting the perfect outfit?
always get something that works with your skin tone

Robbie Coetzee pics

The black suit look (left) from River Island really complimented my shape, as I have broad shoulders. I paired it with a playful tie and pocket square. With the pink suit (right), I went for a softer feel and look in this outfit. It worked nicely with my skin tone it also intensified my face and beard.

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