Puma & Ferrari Team-Up For New Sneaker Collab: SA Price, Details

Puma has released the Ferrari Ion F sneaker which embraces iconic features of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

Puma, together with Ferrari, has launched the ION F footwear featuring a design inspired by the top technology and aesthetic look of the ionic Italian sportscar brand.

The Ion F embraces iconic features of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale translated directly into the footwear. The shape of the reflective TPU panel in the rear of the shoe wrapped by a PU Foam gathered the inspiration from the dynamic front spoiler of the SF90. Clean and rich mesh materials on the upper with a knitted sock construction generate a striking look while still placing a focus on comfort. The footwear also features premium magnetic fit-lock buckles for some extra lockdown.

​The Ion F is part of Ferrari’s new fashion collection, which originates in the design of well-known Ferrari cars, that have been studied, dissected, morphed and ultimately turned into wearable items.

The Ferrari Ion F sneakers by Puma drop at X-Trend for R3,999.

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