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Review: Spectacle World’s ‘The Art of Eyewear Styling’ Will Change the Way You See Eyewear

Spectacle World is the first company in South Africa to be accredited by the Eyewear Styling Academy.



When it comes to spectacles, it’s one of those things that is hard not to make feel like a medical treatment. Whether it’s due to age or genetics, having glasses prescribed can feel like a sentence of punishment, but thankfully, Spectacle World has flipped the coffee table over when it comes to the whole eyewear-acquisition process and made getting new specs a pleasure, rather than a chore.

What makes Spectacle World different though? Well, they’re the first company in South Africa to obtain a certificate in The Art of Eyewear Styling course with Eva Davé, presented by the Eyewear Styling Academy. Having completed this course, the team at Spectacle World is now well-equipped to make frame selection easier and fun for clients, ensuring clients are satisfied when they leave the practice with their new frames.

I have never needed to wear glasses throughout my life, but have had an eye issue as a young ‘un which I’ve managed to live with without any real hiccups. After laser surgeries and having to compensate for a poorer right eye, I’ve always felt a little self-conscious about it, especially when going to see optometrists — I just knew that damned letters-on-the-wall test will get the better of me. However, meeting Spectacle World owner Adele Camarena was a breath of fresh air.

After assessing my eyes through a casual and relaxed consultation (which I had been dreading doing and ignoring for over 10 years), Adele assured me that my particular case was nothing too unusual and some specs would not only resolve my issue, but enhance my vision.

For my everyday corrective eyewear lenses, Spectacle World fitted Zeiss DuraVision BlueProtect lenses. Zeiss is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of spectacle lenses is known for delivering maximum precision and comfort for wearers. The DuraVision BlueProtect lenses are Zeiss’ answer to blue-violet light blocking lense solutions.

The Zeiss BlueProtect coating was specially developed for people who spend a lot of their time indoors and who are exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs as well as TV, computer or tablet screens on a regular basis. The lenses work by reflecting parts of the blue-violet light emitted by these sources, preventing light from entering the eye. But it’s not just useful for indoor uses, blue-violet light is everywhere, although its intensity varies greatly. For example, while a typical LCD computer monitor produces a brightness of 250 cd/m2, a clear blue sky at midday is 32 times as bright and direct sunlight can be thousands of times as bright. It’s important to ensure your lenses protect your eyes and offer comfortable vision no matter the conditions. Zeiss BlueProtect lenses offer this supreme comfort by filtering different amounts of blue-violet light depending on the activity.

What’s more, to offer patients true protection, Zeiss has developed an additional anti-reflective layer on the back of the lens, reducing the indirect light reflected into the eye and complementing the protection offered by Zeiss UVProtect Technology in all clear plastic lenses which block direct UV rays from the front. This means Zeiss lenses offer true UV protection from all sides, even when you’re not wearing sunglasses. These are an absolute game-changer for anyone working on a computer daily (so, basically almost everyone), and have personally helped reduce headache and fatigue for me. Furthermore, the UV protection is great, and made me realise that you don’t need the darkest sunglasses on the planet to shield you from glare, but rather well-implemented polarisation on even the clearest of lenses.


The lenses are one thing, but picking frames is always the tricky part… or rather, was. Instead of just fumbling through a wall of frames and picking something under pressure that you regret (I still rue those Fubu pants I bought as a kid), Spectacle World now has an established styling consultation process and Camarena says her team feels confident to suggest and select eyewear that complements their clients’ features, colouring and unique style.

The process starts in Spectacle World’s styling consultation room, a stylish, dedicated space that feels more like a fitting room in an upmarket fashion boutique than an optometrist room. The first step is all about figuring out your style personality through the help of some useful multiple choice quizzes (who doesn’t love a good quiz?). The quiz helps the team identify your unique style personality and the types of frames you might lean towards. The Art of Eyewear Styling process identifies six different style types and matching options of eyewear for each. Through answering some easy questions, the team can figure out if you love bold and daring styles, bold and fashion-forward styles, or lean towards a more subtle look. Your lifestyle is also considered to help pick frames that will fit in with your daily life and activities.

Next, they analyse your dominant colour type by draping colour swatches across your shoulders to determine which shades and colours will best suit your skin tone, hair, and eye colour. The psychology of colour is also explored through the personality quiz, helping the team to figure out which hues will make your personality shine through best as well. Finally, your face and features are considered to help you pick a frame that will flatter what you’ve already got going on for you.

According to the team, colour plays an enormous role when selecting frames as it enhances appearance including eye, hair and skin colour. Although many of us favour neutral frames such as black or brown, these aren’t always the most flattering, and The Art of Eyewear Styling process can help guide you to making a choice that you feel comfortable with and confident wearing.

With the helpful guidance of the team, I decided on a pair from David Green, which is a proudly South African brand that specialises in eyewear inspired by nature. What’s awesome about David Green frames is that every product is a once-off unique creation, so your specs will be unlike anyone else’s. The particular, somewhat subtle model features reeds from the Hermanus area, encased in the face of the frames, creating streaks of colour and texture. A metal bridge and thin metal arms round off the look and suit my face, skin tone, and hair colour, according to the styling team, who I admittedly trust with my life.

The great thing is that I finally have a pair of glasses that accentuate my look and confidence, rather than detract from it. The David Green brand is fantastic, and without the gentle and educated nudging of the excellent team at Spectacle World, I wouldn’t have stumbled across their excellent designs.

A new outlook on life

If you asked me prior to visiting Spectacle World about my feelings towards optometrist visits, it wouldn’t have been a long conversation, but Spectacle World has changed that. The process itself was fantastic and I was actually excited to return to collect my glasses after having the lenses fitted, as opposed to frowning at my newfound facial accessory. Using the glasses has delivered a dramatic change to my day-to-day life. Clearer visibility when using my computer has helped me fix my posture (I would tend to lean towards the screen), watching movies at night doesn’t fast-track the usual headaches, and my sleep has improved too thanks to the clear benefits of blue-light blocking elements in the glasses. While the vision is one clear advantage, there has been a domino-effect on many other shortcomings of my usual routine, which, in my books, is priceless.

Contact Spectacle World

If you’re in the market for new frames or just need an eye test, then I would highly recommend visiting Adele Camarena and her team at Spectacle World in Cape Town. From the eye test to the frame consultation, it was the most incredible experience. The team at Spectacle World is so friendly and they make you feel welcome and special from start to finish.

During my eye exam, Adele Camarena made me feel so comfortable and she’s by far my favourite optometrist I’ve ever been examined by. She is knowledgeable, caring, and offers great practical advice for patients during the checkup. You truly feel like you’re in good hands and that she is looking out for you to help you make the best decision for your eye health and lifestyle.

Spectacle World Cape Town

Zoë Brown, styled by Spectacle World.

Spectacle World is all about offering tailor-made eyewear solutions to everyone, from the economically challenged to the well-heeled. As an eyewear stylist optometrist, the team empowers their clients to always see well, look fabulous and feel good! “It’s one of our greatest joys,” Camarena concludes.

For more information visit the Spectacle World website. Find them at Shop 50/51 , N1 Value Centre, Solly Smiedt St, Goodwood, Cape Town. You can also check them out on Facebook or Instagram to see their latest styles worn by happy clients, including a few local celebrities like Zoë Brown and Jenny Morris! Or click here for Spectacle World’s digital business card.


WIN: R1,000 Fashion Hamper with Nautica Competition

Stand a chance to win with Nautica Competition and MenStuff!



Nautica Competition is one of the hottest new brands in South Africa, bringing the European stelwart into the local market with a ton of flair and style; and we’ve teamed-up with Nautica to offer one of our lucky readers the chance to win a Nautica Competition hamper valued at over R1,000!

The hamper includes a bunch of Nautica Competition t-shirts that’ll get your summer off to a cracking (and stylish) start.

If you are into big graphic print logo sweatshirts, fun T-shirts and multicoloured shorts Nautica Competition is the brand to head to for the best men’s summer sportswear. This range of urban streetwear is loved for its durability, comfort and style.

Summer promises to be an absolute blowout as we prepare for the various festivities and relaxation after a long year.  Nautica Competition is here to make sure that you look your absolute best, whether you’re dancing the night away, jamming at home or hitting the beach.

On a related trend note, the brand continues to create urban streetwear that brings a refreshed take on the sailing heritage and pieces built with attention to detail, fresh colour accents and great quality, while paying homage to the 90’s rebellion athleisure look.

As for the hamper, it includes the following items:

Cool, so how do I win?

To enter, simply email your name and contact details to – don’t forget to include the subject line “Nautical Competition giveaway” in your email, and hold thumbs!

One entry per person, please. Competition ends on 15 December 2021 at midnight. One winner will be randomly selected.

Please read our competition terms and conditions here.

Remember to also tweet us at @MenStuffZA or tag us on Facebook with @MenStuffZA to letting us know that you’ve entered!

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Birkenstock Showcases Summer Line-up for SA

Birkenstock gives us a sneak-peek at what’s to come this summer.



With summer rolling in, specialist German footwear brand Birkenstock has unveiled the range of products that will be hitting South African shores for the season.

From double-strap options to cross-strap sandal variations, the new range of Birkenstocks offer South African men (and women) something different thanks to their uniquely designed sole using cork and genuine leather.

There are also new waterproof EVA sandals and slides, which give those who need something a little more robust a decent option in the tougher elements.

Birkenstock’s adventure range also provides the same comfortable support and style, but with an added edge, putting a thicker outsole and more rugged traction, delivering something that’s as stylish on the streets as it is taking on a leisurely hike.

For summer, there are also options that feature floral and pattern prints to add a little flair to your footwear.

Prices range from R699 to R2,799, depending on the model and material.

As the official distributor for South Africa, you can check out Bash Africa’s website for the Birkenstock online store and more info.

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The 5 Best Plus-Size Style Tips

Feeling comfortable in your clothes is a must for any man, and we’ve got some tips to help you out!



Many men don’t fit into the “ideal” body-type mold and could consider themselves a big-guy – which is something to be proud of. However, this can have the illusion of  having narrow shoulders, and wearing the right clothing can go a long way to making you look sharp and feel more confident with your build. Here are some plus-size fashion tips worth checking out to give any plus-size guy a style-boost:

Dress according to your body

Dress according to your body shape, not what you want to, and this is a rule everyone should take note of. Everybody knows that the dimensions of our bodies vary from the length of our arms to the size of our calves. For instance, if you have the shoulders of a hooker (the rugby kind, sir, steady on), your thighs might be the width of a shoulder. 

It is possible for your stomach to be larger than your neck, or vice versa – we are all different and it is all possible. You must be able to determine exactly what your body looks like if you wish to properly dress or more specifically flatter it. You should measure yourself and search for clothes of the appropriate size. Peter Millar has everything to offer you according to your body size and shape. 

Always try first

Always try on first, no matter what. It might be a false economy, but if what you buy online or grab from the sale rack on your lunch break is pretty difficult to get on, then it might not be the best use of your time. Consider taking just a few minutes to dress in a few different things and examine how they fit in the mirror. It’s always worth it.

Sizing & Tailoring

A modern way to outfit yourself is by buying off the rack (in fact, it only really took off during the 20th century). In general, though, it is not a particularly advisable move, unless you happen to be some manufacturer’s Vitruvian Man. It might not be possible to have all of your clothing custom-made, but a tailor can nip and tuck where necessary to give store-bought clothing a whole new look.

Patterns and prints have the power to transform

Patterns and prints like stripes, florals, and chevrons instantly draw the eye. Therefore, they need to be deployed wisely. For the parts of your body, you prefer to show off, choose patterns, prints, and even bright contrast colours. For example, stripes with wide horizontal segments will only accentuate an already large torso area – which is fine, but only if that’s what you’re going for.

Be aware of what to avoid

It applies to all, but especially to men who don’t have a model-like build. Determine your style before doing anything else. Fashion trends can be incorporated from time to time, but they must work with your body rather than against it. Cuban collars? They look great on anyone. What about bare-chested suits? Probably not.

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Under Armour South Africa Launches Performance Eyewear Collection

Under Armour eyewear is here.



It may be easy to just grab any old pair of sunglasses from the shelf of your favourite fashion retailer, but when it comes to finding the best eyewear for sports and an active lifestyle, things get a little trickier. Under Armour is hoping to change that with a new range of stylish, performance eyewear.

Under Armour South Africa continues to take performance innovation to the next level with the unveiling of a new, sports performance eyewear range. The collection has performance, innovation and quality at its core and aims to set the benchmark for athletic eyewear across the globe.

Designed to meet specific athlete needs, whether going for a run or engaging in high-impact sport, the eyewear range protects an athlete’s eyes from harmful rays and enhances player performance. According to Under Armour, the frames have been designed with the lightest weight thermoplastics to provide the highest level of durability and maximum flexibility. The frame construction provides an anatomical fit that auto-adjusts without pressure points, so you won’t feel that side of the head “squeeze” that usually causes discomfort.

The new UA Eyewear range boasts vision performance solutions you’re sure to love. From the scientifically engineered lenses for ultimate visual clarity and precision by sport to the 100% UVA and UVB lenses featuring enhanced impact protection that provide the armour to protect your most valuable asset, your eyes.

There is no bouncing and sliding down off the nose when engaged in high-impact activity, instead, athletes wearing the new UA shades will experience superior comfort and fit that stretches and recovers with your movement to let you perform at your highest levels.


Every Under Armour piece of eyewear offers key performance features and benefits. Whether it’s the nose pads, temples, or lenses Under Armour has taken no shortcuts to ensure this eyewear collection provides long-lasting wear and all-day comfort. UA is built on performance, and the brand says the key to the new eyewear range is making sure athletes are prepared to perform at the highest level with no setbacks.

What’s more, all Performance Sunglass lenses & UA Tunded lenses have a hydro/oleophobic coating applied to the front and back of the lenses. This unique coating repels water, dust, oil and dirt from the lenses, to ensure they stay clean for longer.

Under Armour Eyewear starts from R1,599 per pair. Shop the new UA Eyewear collection online from the Under Armour South Africa website now.

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Puma’s Voyage Nitro Trail Running Shoes Hit SA: Price, Details

Puma Run’s first trail running shoe makes its way to SA!



Puma has introduced its first trail running shoe through its Puma Run line, the Voyage Nitro, which features a two-part midsole with the brand’s Nitro cushioning tech, which has appeared on many of their recent running silos.

The Nitro foam underfoot is infused with nitrogen through an innovative new process that makes it possible to combine three key benefits to the runner — responsiveness, cushioning, and is extremely lightweight for a more effortless run.

Weighing in at 304 grams (in a UK8), the Voyage Nitro also features durable Pumagrip to enhance the traction of the outsole. Puma analysed the best fitting running shoes in the industry to develop an improved performance fit through new last shapes based on different usages and the Voyage Nitro will fit a variety of foot shapes. A durable rubber compound, Pumagrip, provides multi-surface traction.

This shoe is made with Optifit technology that wraps the foot for a secure fit on uneven terrain.

The Voyage Nitro will be available from Puma’s online store, Puma stores, Totalsports, Cape Union Mart and select retailers from September 2021, retailing for R2,799.

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