Indlovu Craft Gin is Made Out of What!?

Africa’s latest gin may be a bit of a surprise!

Craft beverages have been, and still are, enjoying a serious boom. The rise in craft beverages was led by craft beers becoming commonplace and favourites for beer-drinkers everywhere, but the trend has more recently spread to other arenas like gin.

Gin aficionados are likely going to be quite intrigued to try out the new Indlovu Gin, but they’ll be equally intrigued (possibly shocked) to find out what the gin uses as one of its ingredients: elephant dung.

Yep – you read that correctly. The gin was created by Dr. Les Ansley and his wife Professor Paula Ansley on their family farm after hearing a game ranger discuss the eating habits of elephants.

An amount of elephant dung is taken and dried, crumbed, and sterilised; then after those processes are completed, the botanicals extracted from the remnants are infused into the gin – giving it ‘smooth and earthy flavours’, as well as a golden colour. A unique characteristic that comes with the very unique list of ingredients is that each batch will differ in flavour, due to the location and season during which the dung was collected and then used.

Is this possibly one of the most uniquely fabricated gins in the world? Probably, but it’s also probably a talking point very few other gins will give you.

15% of the proceeds from the gin will be given by Indlovu Gin to the Africa Foundation to aid in their wildlife conservation work at the Phinda Game Reserve – so you’ll be giving to a good cause while getting a uniquely African gin at the same time!

Indlovu Gin can be purchased at YuppieChef for a RRP of R659.



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