5 Life-Saving Apps Every Man Needs

Apps for men

We make our app picks that every man needs to get on his device.

Being men, we need to utilise the tools at our disposal, and getting the most out of your smartphone is one of the best ways to make our rigorous man-routines easier. So, MenStuff decided to look at 5 apps that will make your life that much easier.

Rock Clock (free)

Who better to wake you up than Hollywood superstar (and the most electrifying man in sports entertainment), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? That’s right, the Rock has his own alarm app now, designed specifically to give you that much-needed kick in the ass and some motivation in the mornings. You’ll get morale-boosting messages from the man himself, taking your morning routine up about 10 notches. Oh yeah, there’s no snooze button, so don’t even think about it.

Download on Android and iOS.


Find Free WiFi in ZA (Free)

Stay connected wherever you are, with Find Free WiFi. This nifty app will suss out WiFi hotspots for you where you don’t have to pay to logon. Everyone needs to stop and tap out that urgent email once in a while, and Find Free WiFi lets you do that with ease.

Download on Android and iOS.

Find free Wifi

Uber (free)

It may seem like every guy and his dog uses Uber, but it’s amazing how many people are yet to jump aboard the transport revolution. Having taken public transport by storm, Uber is now available in more than 50 countries. Simply download the app, create a profile, punch in where you need to be and the Uber app will calculate the cost. You can also track where your driver is while you’re waiting.

Download on Android and iOS.

Uber app


Wallet – Budget Tracker (Free)

Wallet – Budget Tracker is a simple, useful and intuitive personal finance assistant with online synchronization between several devices. The application combines all your accounts in one place, monitors budgets and always reminds you about scheduled transactions..

Download on Android.


HERE Maps (Free) 

We men are visual creatures – we need to see where we are going, and it won’t matter if you’re in Rome or Rondebosch, HERE Maps will help you do just that. Using augmented reality with LiveSight, hold your phone up, focus, and HERE Maps will point you in the direction of top places to explore. Even if you’re offline, HERE Maps will give you turn-by-turn walking directions in more than 90 countries. Use voice navigation so you don’t need to fiddle while your eyes are on the road.

Download on Android and iOS.

Here maps

Which apps do you think everyone should check out? Let us know in the comments section below and tweet us @MenStuffZA!


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