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Use This Simple Trick to Find the Perfect Glasses for Your Face [Competition]

How to find eyewear to suit your face – Torga Optical can help




Whether you’re a far-sighted chap in need of a pair of specs to bring everything into focus, or your vision is perfect and you’re after the perfect pair of sunglasses to shield you from the rays, we’re all going to be shopping for eyewear at some stage.

What should be a ten-minute frame-finding process often ends in a long-winded perilous search, though. Not every style or shape of face will be suited to every design – in fact certain frames can highlight elements of a person’s face in all the wrong ways and end up looking a little ‘off’. It isn’t always obvious what the discordant aspects are, but sometimes you can just tell something isn’t right.

Simply put, your face shape will influence which kinds of frames will complement your features best, and in general, there’s a good rule of thumb for the majority of facial structures. So whether you’ve got a round, square, or oval face, there are frames that’ll suit you (we’ve got a good article on face shapes and sunglasses that goes into more depth here):


If you’ve got a rounder face, the key thing to look for in a pair of glasses or sunglasses is something that has angles to off set the smoother lines of your face. This means that styles like the Exxess 4023 with its squarer lenses and sharper lines will fit best.


Oval faces tend to strike a lucky balance between round and square-shaped faces, making it easier to pick and choose frames since most of them will flatter your features. One thing to avoid, though, is rounder and larger lens-style frames since the tear-drop design can elongate your face excessively.


Not that surprising is that the advice for square faces is the opposite of round faces; so instead of hunting down angular frames, you’ll want frames with rounder lenses (even circular can work quite well, just look at John Lennon) like the Preppy model to soften the more noticeable angles of your facial structure.

Now, once you’ve identified your face shape, you can start testing out frames to see which styles look best on you. Sometimes you’ll want to do that from the comfort of your own home, though, and Torga Optical has developed a nifty augmented reality (AR) app that can help you do just that. You simply need to download the app (available on Android and iOS) and it’ll use your phone’s camera to display your face and let you select from their wide range of frames so you can quickly and easily identify what fits you best.


Torga Optical is also running an amazing competition! Simply download the app, browse through the frames and find your new look. Then take a screenshot of you in your frames and share it with Torga online using @TorgaOptical on Facebook or Instagram. Use the following hashtags below to qualify:
#itsTorga #iStylist #WinningIsEasyAtTorga #TorgaWinYourLook

You can win your selected pair of frames, including prescription single vision lenses with anti-scratch protection.

Competition week 1 closes Monday 8 July at 12pm and Competition week 2 closes Monday 15 July at 12pm. Winner will be announced by 4pm on Monday, 14 July.

Download: Android | iOS

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