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What Were the Best Deals of Black Friday 2018?




Black Friday is coming up once again, and if the past events offer any indication, then South African retailers are going to up their game for 2019 and improve each year going forward. Looking back to last year’s massive shopping holiday, we highlighted 3 of the best deals that were available to consumers – hopefully 2019 can top these huge specials!

Samsung 65-inch Smart QLED TV (Makro) – R29,999

Makro threw down a fantastic deal on a massive 65-inch Samsung QLED TV, pricing it at R29,999, knocking off R10,000 from the RRP at that point in time. However, there were only 700 units countrywide, so to say that they disappeared quickly would be an understatement.

Acer Intel Core i3 Notebook (Game) – R4,999

Game delivered a great sale with the Acer Intel Core i3 Notebook. While it’s not the most powerful device on the planet, this is a solid laptop for any user looking for something to get the job done, and at R4,999, Game made it a whole lot easier to pick up.

PS4 bundle (BT Games) – R4,999.90

For eager gamers, BT Games brought out the big-guns and discounted a massive 1TB Playstation 4 console, which came with two of the best games of the year: God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man, all for only R4999.90.

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