Top 5 Ways to Get Your 2018 Off to a Healthy Start

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Here’s your chance to get the year off to a cracking start!

We all make those New Year’s resolutions that we usually don’t follow through on, unfortunately. Legacy Lifestyle offers a rewards program that can make it easier for you to commit to some healthy changes, so if you’ve made a pledge this year to get yourself into shape come January 2018 and need a few good ideas of where to start, check out our list of products that won’t just get you healthier, but also save you money!

Save yourself from the sun

Considering our impressive sun cover in South Africa, one of the biggest health issues we face is over exposure to UV rays during our summer months. Using something like a light cream that can help prevent UV rays from damaging your skin, or worse, is probably something us Southern Hemispherers should get used to. Not only will this keep your skin safer from the sun, but it also keeps wrinkles that might be cropping up at bay.

Check out L’Occitane’s SPF20 Light Cream.

Swipe your Legacy Lifestyle rewards card to earn up to 8 percent of your spend back when shopping at L’Occitane stores nationwide. 

Get the right tools!

What better way to promote your new favourite hobby or activity than having the best accessories to go with it, particularly if it affects the health and wellbeing of your body. Whether you need the right polarised shades for a morning hike or having something a but more durable when being active, having the right sunglasses to protect your eyes is crucial. Sunglass Hut have a vast selection of Oakley, Ray-Ban, and other big-name eyewear brands, along with contact lens brands.

Check out Sunglass Hut hereSwipe your Legacy Lifestyle rewards card to earn 15 percent of your spend back when shopping at Sunglass Hut.

Keep track of your progress

Another crucial component of a good fitness routine is tracking. It might sound silly, but human psychology is geared toward repeating behaviour that is experienced as being rewarding. When people monitor their progress and see their own improvements it serves as a significant motivation to continue. So don’t just do your work outs, but keep track of your physical activity and set incremental goals and you’ll most likely be looking forward to gym trips instead of dreading them.

Check out the Fitbit Alta HR from The Gadget Shop.

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Your best foot forward

There’s an old saying that goes; “Never spare expense when it comes to your bed or your shoes, because if you’re not in one you’re in the other”. If you’re going to be a treadmill junkie or a road-runner, don’t skimp on footwear. It’s important that heavy-duty cardio is complemented by running shoes that will provide you with support, otherwise in the long term you’re going to be doing damage to your joints that’s rather easily preventable.

Check out the Mens Adidas Ultraboost Laceless (R3,299.95), now Available At The Cross Trainer branches in Eastgate, Gateway, and Menlyn.

Swipe your Legacy Lifestyle rewards card to earn 8 percent of your spend back when shopping at The Cross Trainer

Treating your body well

Last but not least, it’s important not to forget about some rest after all the hard work. Legacy also provides great spa services. So whether you’re traveling and need a place to continue your fitness and health regimen, or you live in the area and want an exclusive place to frequent, Legacy Balance Spas will be able to keep you fighting fit so you’re getting the best out of your workouts.

Swipe your Legacy Lifestyle rewards card to earn 4 percent of your spend back when visiting Legacy Balance Spa.

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