Summer Camping Essentials Everyone Needs

Camping essentials

Heading outdoors? Here’s what you need to make your next camping trip a breeze!

Are you heading off camping this summer? If so, you need to make sure that you have absolutely everything that you need before you set off on your vacation. This is especially the case if you’re planning on getting off the beaten track. Nobody wants to find that they’ve left essential items at home when they’re off on the trail!

Here are some of the items you’ll definitely need for camping during the summer months.

A Tent

It’s pretty obvious that you’re going to need a tent if you’re going camping! Summer camping may mean that you don’t need quite such a heavy duty tent as you would require during the winter months. However, if you want to get the best value for money, you’re betting off getting a 3 seasons tent.

Air Mattresses

Although you could sleep on the floor or on a camping cot, an air mattress is the most convenient option. It can be inflated and deflated quickly and won’t take up too much room in your backpack or trunk. They are also very comfortable to sleep on and come in different sizes to suit your needs.

Sleeping Bags

You won’t need a very thick sleeping bag when you’re camping during the summer, but you’ll certainly want something to sleep in. It can still get chilly during the night when you’re camping under the stars, so make sure you choose a lightweight sleeping bag that will keep you comfortable.

A Lantern

You’ll want to be sure that you can still see what you’re doing in your tent during the night. Nobody wants to have to go to bed the minute the sun goes down, and a lantern will allow you to take advantage of the evening hours by playing games or reading under canvas. A hanging lantern which can be suspended from the ceiling of your tent is a great idea. This is a must-have for adventures on the trail.

A Cooler

If you’re heading off camping with your car, always make sure to take a cooler. This is especially important when you’re camping during the summer months. When the weather is hot, your food will spoil easily. However, a cooler will make sure that your food remains at a safe temperature to eat. It’ll also help to protect your food from pests and creatures who may be attracted to your campsite.

Bug Repellent And Sunscreen

Camping during the summer can be a lot of fun, but there are a few more hassles to deal with too. Bugs are just one problem which can strike during a summer camping trip. Nobody wants to go home from their vacation covered in mosquito bites. Take a bug repellent and you won’t have a miserable time. Sunscreen is also very important. You’ll be spending more time outdoors on a camping vacation and you don’t want to run the risk of getting burned or, even worse, developing skin cancer. Choose a high SPF sun cream so you can stay well protected.

A Camping Stove

You may be planning on cooking over the campfire, but sometimes it’s just so much easier to use a camping stove. They’re small and convenient and simple to use, and will give you a lot more variety in the types of food you can prepare. If you have a car with you, you can even take a larger camping stove with an integrated grill and multiple burners. This will let you cook a wide variety of meals for the whole family with no difficulty at all.

Camping Chairs

You probably won’t want to sit on the floor when you’re on vacation. That can get very uncomfortable very quickly. Why not take some folding camping chairs instead? They can easily be carried around with you, especially if you have a car, and they’ll give you a cozy place to sit while you’re sunbathing or reading outdoors or inside your tent.

As long as you remember these key summer camping items you’re sure to have a fantastic vacation under canvas. Camping trips are a lot of fun as long as you’re well prepared so pack all these items for a brilliant break that’s sure to be memorable for all the right reasons.

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