Cristiano Ronaldo Tries on Nike’s New Self-Lacing Shoes [Video]

The Portuguese football star becomes one of the first people in the world to wear Nike’s new high-tech shoe.

Shoelaces are a pain. They’re confusing, awkward and can get any kid (and adult) in knots. So, we’ve been waiting decades for Marty McFly’s labour-saving MAG sneakers from Back to the Future Part II, and they’re here, finally.

At a press event in New York, sportswear behemoth Nike announced it’ll bring the world’s first self-tying shoe to market, the HyperAdapt 1.0, and who better to try out the new shoe than Nike’s poster boy, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The price is still to be confirmed, but we can imagine it’s going to cost more than your average sneaker.

Check out the reveal of the new shoe below and Cristiano’s thoughts:

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