5 Life-Saving Grooming Items Every Man Needs This Winter

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Every man’s man can benefit from some subtle yet effective grooming goodies this winter, and we’ve rounded up five of the best.

Guys, we’ll admit it for you – looking after ourselves is a lot of work. We just don’t have the perseverance and dedication to prime ourselves day in and day out (like we should be doing), but given the harshness of winter and some great new easy-to-use products available, we thought it was only fair to highlight some items that can make the grooming process something to look forward to, rather than dread.

365 Skin Workout range

Price: Various prices depending on pack.

The sheer breadth of products available on the market can be overwhelming for us guys, so it’s hard not to get excited about Sorbet’s 365 Skin Workout range, which helps to eliminate the confusion and give you everything you need in one convenient pack: Renew (for ageing skin),Bright (for hyper pigmented skin), Restore (for sensitive skin), Balance (for problematic skin), Healthy (for all skin types).

Plantur 39 Colour Brown shampoo & conditioner

Price: R184.99 (Shampoo) and R179.99 (Conditioner).

Are you one of those guys that’s tackling those pesky greys a little sooner in life than expected (unless you’re going for the whole ‘silver fox’ look)? Completely dying your hair may be a little overkill and isn’t actually great for your hair, so instead, you should check out Plantur 39’s Colour Brown shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo itself helps activate and brighten your natural hair colour (so those whiter hairs turn a little darker with each wash), while also injecting your hair with some good ole caffeine, helping reduce hair loss and stimulate growth. It’s a simple, natural way at getting your colour back.

Philips Series 9000 electric razor

Price: R3,699

Philips 9000 series razor

The 900 series electric razor is said to be the most advanced Philips has ever made.  The three independent rotating heads each move in 8 different directions for better contouring of your face.  Philips claims this captures 20% more hair in every pass, and it definitely seems the case as it provided us with a close, clean and rash-free shave. Also, one of the unique components of the new 9000 series, is a combination charger and cleaning system for the blades of your shaver.

L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic fach wash

It’s winter, and that means things get dry, so to save us from dehydrated skin, L’Oréal Men Expert’s Hydra Energetic Magnetic face wash caters specifically for the active man of today, because we need to be pampered too.

Cowshed Bracing body wash

Price: R374

Despite the hilarious name, Cowshed bring a serious quality to their products, and their new Bullocks for Men range has some amazing items on offer. Their bestselling Bullocks Bracing Body Wash features petitgrain to help cleanse and purify, whilst the grapefruit oil helps tone the skin. This is all cherry-topped with a notable citrus fragrance which features on your skin well into the day.

What grooming products are you looking for this winter? Maybe treating yourself to something special? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us @MenStuffZA!

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