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Sneaker Expert Finds the World’s Softest & Most Ridiculous Slides

The world’s comfiest and softest slides have been found!

Jeremy Proome



Slides are the rage now, but who has the best and comfiest around? Adidas with their Ultraboost options? Birkenstock with their EVA slides? Well, no, apparently it’s running and sports brand Asics, who have developed a slide that’s fully 3D printed and is, without a doubt, the squishiest and comfiest around, according to footwear experts.

Asics’ Actibreeze 3D sandals are entirely 3D printed, and specifically designed to help with recovery after a run or sports. They are designed to provide zoned comfort and better breathability, allowing your feet and body to relax while wearing them, rather than tensing or constantly balancing like with other footwear.

Specialist sneaker and footwear YouTuber Heskicks got his hands (feet?) on some of the Asics Actibreeze slides and had this to say about them:

While they look incredible, they do come with a hefty price-tag. Asics only gave the Actibreeze a limited run, so you’ll have to hunt down a pair on eBay or footwear resellers, and will likely set you back between R4,000 and R6,000, depending on the deal you find.

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