3 New Games & Whether You Should Buy Them or Not

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We review the biggest games out there and whether you should be dedicating some time to them this month!

From big-name sequels to smaller indie titles, there have been some massively exciting and highly-anticipated games hitting shelves recently. We’ve got our hands on the biggest new games and put them through the ringer to give you everything you need to know about the current releases in one handy feature:

Borderlands 3

Available on: Xbox One, PS4, PC

What is it? The zany, random-gun-generating loot-shooter Borderlands is back for a third primary entry, returning to the ravaged yet colourful world of Pandora (and a host of other planets) for another shooting bonanza.

Is it any good? It’s clear from the get-go that a far greater emphasis has been placed on the shooting mechanics and story elements in Borderlands 3 as opposed to its predecessors, and to good effect. The randomised gun novelty finally feels far more than a gimmick and Gearbox has delivered thousands of weapons that all look, fire, and feel different from one another, while still all slotting into the franchise’s snappy shooting sensation. The boss battles are also particularly noteworthy, given that each encounter has its own tricks, threats, and environmental hazards you’ll have to overcome during each gunfight. There’s definitely an overarching familiarity that sets in after 20 or so hours into the game, but you’ll more than get your money’s worth before scratching at the rear door of the experience.

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Available on: Xbox One, PS4, PC

What is it? Developed by the studio behind 2014’s under-appreciated The Technomancer, Greedfall is an action-RPG that’ll appeal to fans of The Witcher and other expansive open-world franchises that focus on character development, customisation, and exploration.

Is it any good? Despite the game not being as slick or polished as something like The Witcher series, Greedfall offers a lot that RPG fans will enjoy. Thanks to a huge variety of weapons, guns, and magic, combat is excellently varied and there’s a lot of freedom as to how you want to play the game. The story itself can be quite overwhelming and convoluted, but there’s an interesting core tale about humanity searching for a haven from the horrors of the current world that’s worth embracing. The 19th-century inspired fantasy milieu is fantastic too, and there are some incredibly captivating enemy designs and locales to discover. If you’re a fan of the genre, and don’t mind a lot of mythology and exposition being thrown your way during cutscenes, it’s well worth a play.

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Available on: Xbox One, PS4, PC

What is it? The next entry into WRC‘s officially-licensed annual rally racing franchise, which has been given some desired overhauls this time around.

Is it any good? WRC 8 has finally added a much-needed expanded Career Mode which gives you control over your vehicle, crew, and calendar management, and it’s a fantastic addition to the moment-to-moment gameplay of sliding around corners, which has seen an upgrade too. The handling is a fair bit more delicate than in previous instalments, requiring even veteran WRC fans to proceed with caution into each turn, but the game is better for it, offering the most comprehensive WRC game to date both on and off the track. The inclusion of split-screen is always a bonus too.

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