This Translucent Special Edition PS4 Console is a Must-Have for Playstation Fans

Playstation celebrates landmark achievement with epic Limited Edition PS4.

Gaming consoles, and even gaming companies, sometimes come and go like the seasons. There are a few consoles that enjoyed a significant level of popularity in the past, but eventually fell by the wayside. Very few manufacturers can claim to have been there back when gaming was a niche hobby, and is now still a relevant force as gaming is a mammoth industry.

Sony can say exactly that, as the Playstation has been around since the first console was released way back in 1994 – and as most avid gamers know, we’re sitting on its 4th generation of this particular gaming machine at the moment. The console has recently surpassed sales of 500 million units of Playstation hardware (an immense achievement for any company), and to celebrate, Sony Interactive Entertainment is releasing with a pretty-stunning Limited Edition version of the PS4 Pro console.

While the hard-drive has been upgraded to a 2TB version, the rest of the interior specs are the same as a conventional PS4 Pro – but it has completely unique aesthetic elements across the console, controller, and accompanying accessories, like the headset, which will be available for sale separately from the 24th of August.

The prevailing theme is gold detailing for the ‘PS’ logo on the top of the console, as well as the ‘PS4’ logo on the front of the console. The most noticeable cosmetic change is the translucent blue case for both the console and the controller. When it’s turned on, the inner workings become visible in a way not before seen with a PS4. It’s an overhaul of the PS4 Pro truly worthy of the brand’s massive achievement.

The console will be available in a limited production run from the 24th of August at R8,499 – so if you’re keen on picking up a piece of Playstation history for yourself, keep your eyes on the big retailers to grab one for yourself!

Will you be picking up one of these Limited Edition PS4 Pros? Let us know below or on Facebook or Twitter! And also remember to check out the best PS4 games you can buy on the system! and the best deals on current PS4 consoles, below:

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1 Comment

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