5 Most Anticipated Games of April 2016

Which games should you have your eye on this month?

Things are heating up in the gaming release schedule for 2016, with April set to raise the temperature with some big triple-A titles and intriguing-looking indie games; but we’ve rounded up the five that have us most excited this month.

Quantum Break

Release date: 5 April (Xbox One, PC)

Quantum Break is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games for Xbox One and PC gamers this month. Made by Remedy, the developer behind Max Payne and Alan Wake, the game follows an experiment that has gone wrong. The event not only causes time to start breaking down, but also grants the three main characters – Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder, and Paul Serene – the ability to manipulate time. In addition to the time-bending third-person shooting gameplay, Quantum Break has been developed alongside a live-action series, that will change based on your actions in the game. It’s a massively ambitious concept and we’ve been playing the game (and loving it). You can check out our Quantum Break review here.

Dark Souls III

Release date: 12 April (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

We’re suckers for punishment, it seems. After Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls II smashed us into submission with its frustratingly addictive gameplay difficulty, we still want more, and the new entry into the beloved franchise is set to up the ante, throw bigger and badder bosses at you, and make you beg for mercy once more. New combat features are also introduced, including ‘Weapon Arts’, which are special abilities that vary from weapon to weapon that enable extra damage and unique movesets for a limited time, at the cost of magic points.

Ratchet & Clank

Release date: 22 April (PS4)

PS4 owners will be getting a new Ratchet & Clank adventure this month, but  it is neither a reboot or a remake, instead labelling itself as a “reimagining.” The majority of the plot is the same from the original Ratchet & Clank, but with story tweaks that line up with the upcoming movie. Insomniac have a knack for creating experiences with fun and intuitive gameplay, but with some twists, and we’re sure Ratchet & Clank has some tricks up its sleeve, not to mention that it’s one of the most beautiful games on the system to date.

Rugby Challenge 3

Release date: 22 April (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3)

Rugby Challenge 3 has been delayed more times than we can count, and although it infuriates us, we have to admit that we’re still pretty excited for it, because the current rugby games on the market have left a lot to be desired. This time around, the development has shifted from series helmers Sidhe to Wicked Witch Software, so hopefully we’ll see some gameplay improvements from Rugby Challenge 2. In addition to having the South African Super Rugby and Springbok licenses (finally), there is also a Sevens mode, which lets players take on the shortened, faster version of the beloved sport. Here’s hoping Rugby Challenge 3 is the rugby game we’ve been waiting for.

Rugby Challenge 3

Star Fox Zero

Release date: 22 April (Wii U)

Here’s something Wii U owners thought they’d never hear: Star Fox is on the Wii U. Fans have been waiting on this game since the announcement of the console. The sixth game in the storied franchise, Star Fox Zero largely follows the classic gameplay of its predecessors, such as Star Fox 64, in which players control Fox McCloud as he pilots his Arwing craft through various levels. Falco, Peppy and Slippy are back too, aiding Fox at every turn.

What game are you most excited for this month? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us at @MenStuffZA.


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