Vespa Goes Green with The Elettrica in 2018

Vespa Elecctrica header

Check out the first images and details of Vespa’s new fully-electric scooter!

With how quickly tech is busy developing, we’re unlikely to be using fossil fuel in cars much longer. Most companies are busy falling in line with alternative energy engines, whether that means they’re going for hybrids, electrics, or hydrogen powered engine.

Vespa is following suit and they’ll be releasing their Elettrica model next year. The Elettrica is a fully electric scooter that delivers continuous power of 2kW and a maximum output of 4kW. It’ll be completely silent and have a range of 100km, but for long-range commuters, they’ve also announced an X model will supplement the electric motor with a generator that will effectively double its range.

Fortunately, the battery requires no special maintenance or treatment, and will take around four hours to achieve a full charge from a standard wall plug. The Elettrica is a viable option to consider for anyone that has extremely small commutes or lives in a strictly urban environment. City centres or small towns will be exactly where the Elettrica will be most at home.

It’ll come in a range of metallic finishes that are a fresh and modern departure from the brand’s usually traditional Italian-inspired roots. Keep an eye out for these hitting the road not too long from now!

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