Forget Carrying Cash — Here’s How to Simplify Paying for Parking in Cape Town

Parkfind app header

Scratching for change is a thing of the past!

Parking in the Mother City is a notorious hassle that Capetonians have to navigate on a daily basis. Cape Town is now ranked as the most congested city in South Africa , in an effort to reduce congestion within the CBD, the folks at ParkFind have done a good job of trying to take the headache out of Cape Town’s parking frustrations.

Whilst simultaneously streamlining your parking trips, Parkfind also allows you to go fully digital with your payment. With the rise of e-wallets, debit cards, and smartphone payment systems, it’s becoming less and less necessary to ever have small change or cash on you.

The app follows suit with modernised payment methods by letting you easily add a credit card which can be used to pay for your metered parking. Simply input the credit card details, follow a few prompts, and you’re good to go – no more digging in your ash tray or fob pockets to try and find that hallowed R2 coin that’ll let you escape the busy city after a frustrating trip to Home Affairs.

ParkFind isn’t only making your life easier though, as their innovative approach to optimising parking is helping making your city greener and minimising your carbon footprint!

Download Parkfind: iOS | Android

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