PS5: Pricing Rumours Emerge

PS5 Price

Here’s how much you may be paying for Sony’s next console.

The Playstation 5 console is launching in Q4 2020, but we still know very little about it from a pricing perspective, despite Sony doing a deep-dive on the PS5 in March.

However, numerous prices for the semi-mysterious console are beginning to pop up on various international retailers.

According to Canadian retailer Play ‘N Trade Vancouver, the PS5 will retail for $388, which equates to around R6,970). However, a Danish supermarket called føtex has a PS5 listing on its site that says the console will cost over US$1,000, making it more than R18,000.

This is extremely unlikely though, as a Bloomberg report revealed that Sony was working on a $450 production price per unit, and that Sony is likely to swallow some of the cost to ensure it wins the next-generation console war.

Of course, these retailer listings could simply be a mistake, place-holder prices, or guesstimates from the retailers themselves.

Keep an eye on MenStuff for more PS5 pricing news as it emerges.

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