This Electric BMX is Set to Redefine Your Weekend Joyride

Kickstarter’s latest gadget merges nostalgia and new-age tech.

Alternative energy is all the rage right now — as it should be — and so are innovative forms of transport that can reduce the user’s carbon footprint. The team over at Enki Cycles has smartly combined the two, and are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund their Billy e-bike – an electric bicycle that’s comfortable on tougher terrains than your average bicycle.

Electric bicycles aren’t exactly all that rare, but in general, they’re built for navigating fairly smooth surfaces and won’t cope too well if rougher roads are thrown at them. The Billy e-bike, priced at $1,290 (around R15,900) is supposed to get past that snag with its more robust BMX build and off-road tyres.

Billy e bike pic

The high-torque hub motor and light-weight frame allow for some pretty good acceleration, along with a top speed of 32 km/h. That said, it still does weigh just over 24 kgs due to the 13.6-Ah internal battery.

You can use the Billy as a commuter – but the team behind it wants it to be a fun way of getting around, rather than jus an ordinary means of going from A to B, using the bike;s BMX capabilities to your advantage.

If you want to learn more about the Billy E-Bike or are interested in getting one for yourself, check out their Kickstarter page which features some more details about the project.

We love the idea, and if the Billy E-Bike could survive a few escapades on South African roads, there probably isn’t much it can’t do!

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