5 Things to Consider When Buying a Smartphone

What should you keep in mind when shopping for your next device?

Considering the massive variety that’s available, upgrading to a new phone can be a bit of a daunting or confusing prospect. Depending on what you need your smartphone to do, there are a few key things to take into account before you take the plunge – and we’re going to dive into those in more detail!

Operating System

This is a debate for the ages, and often splits the smartphone user base: iOS or Android? In reality and in terms of their functions, there’s really very little that separates them; what you can do with the one, you’ll mostly be able to do with the other. There are relevant things to pay attention to when making the decision, though. The first consideration is your other devices that you use, like your laptop, television, home media system, etc. If you have other Apple products then an iPhone makes sense to integrate with those devices. On the other hand, Android devices are generally far more customisable than their iOS counterparts, so if you’d like to have full control over the features of your phone, an Android might be more up your alley.

Screen Size

The screen size you go for should largely be dictated by what you plan to use your smartphone for most frequently. If it’s going to be the device you use to browse YouTube with a lot, or download the Netflix App onto, then prioritising screen size makes sense. Anything from a 5.5-inch or larger screen will improve the phone’s ability to be used somewhat like a tablet. If a large screen is absolutely vital, you may even want to consider what’s popularly called a ‘phablet’, a phone that’s so large it veers into the tablet territory. If your phone won’t be used to watch movies or series on, or screen size just isn’t that important to you, there are still well-equipped phones with screens below the 5.5-inch threshold to consider.


One of the most marketed features of a smartphone is undoubtedly the camera. In this age of imagery, and considering the viral popularity of apps like Instagram and Snapchat, being able to take good photos is pretty much a prerequisite for a smartphone. Luckily, these days, average phone cameras are surprisingly good. Almost every phone will come equipped with something that’ll make your Instagram account stand out, but you’ll need to pay closer attention to the camera specs if you plan on using your pics for something professional. Some companies (like Huawei with Leica) have teamed up with brands in the photography arena to give their cameras an extra edge in terms of quality.

Smartphone camera iphone

Working out which smartphone camera you need/require is an important piece of the puzzle.


This is an unfortunate thing to have to think about, but it’s quite relevant all the same. Smartphones are improved on so rapidly that companies can arguably be accused of implementing planned obsolescence deliberately. Operating systems update at a rapid pace, too, and if the hardware of a phone is taxed too much by newer OS features, the performance of the smartphone can deteriorate quite quickly. Getting a phone that’s up to date with the important tech (a good processor, large enough storage space, and decent RAM are the three key performance related specs) will be important if you’re planning to use a smartphone beyond the accepted two-year life cycle of phones.


The good news regarding the rapid development of smartphone technology is that there are a host of brands that offer good value for money when it comes to their phones. That being said, flagship smartphone prices are also increasing notably-quickly because of how many features companies are packing into ever-thinner devices. When it comes to how much you want to shell out, make sure you’re clear about which features you absolutely need because there’s a decent chance that a company like Huawei or Xiaomi will have a very capable device that outdoes what the stalwarts such as Samsung or Apple offer. A while back, sticking to the big brands guaranteed exceptional quality, but there are a number of well-priced competitors giving those big brands a noticeable run for their money.

And if you currently own a smartphone that you’re looking to hold onto for a while, but needs a little TLC, get in touch with the guys at WeFix!

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