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New SA Fitness Brand DARK Gives Serious Bang For Your Buck

Local apparel brand brand affordability and quality.




DARK performance apparel

Up until quite recently, workout gear was kind of vanilla and nobody paid attention to what was being worn to the gym. You could pick up some workout shorts and a t-shirt for an affordable price – and it all kind of looked the same. After the remarkable boom in the fitness industry, though, sports brands have sprung up all over the show and prices for ‘fashionable’ fitness gear have gone through the roof.

It’s just this problem that South African competitive crossfitter Alan Foulis noticed, and instead of waiting around for someone else to create a no-frills, functional, and affordable fitness apparel brand, he decided to do it himself.

In particular, he was focused on creating a pair of shorts that fulfill all the functional needs an athlete requires, without requiring the buyer to take out a higher purchase loan to afford. Enter the lifestyle shorts:

Manufactured in the Mother City, the shorts feature the top characteristics Foulis wants in functional, durable workout shorts: light, tagless, and stretchy material, no inseam along the inner thigh, and a stitch-less back pocket to ensure comfort while working out.

The pricing for their gear is as follows:

  • Lifestyle Shorts (R475): Sizes S-XXL
  • Lifestyle T-Shirts (R250): Sizes S-XL
  • Performance Shorts (R699): Sizes S-XXL

For additional info on their full range of products check out their website here and show a proudly South African brand a little love next time you need some new workout gear!

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