We Review the Bulk-Reducing Compact Minimalist Wallet

Minimal Wallet The Wallet Co

We review The Wallet Co.’s buzzed-about minimal wallet for the guy looking to streamline his pocket!

While having a chunky wallet can be a good thing (because, you know: money), the reality is that our wallets are usually filled with business cards, coupon vouchers, and till slips, rather than the Mandela-laden notes we wish were in there. Having an oversized wallet is cumbersome, obtrusive, and to be honest, unnecessary. In the age of mobile payment systems and the declining need for cash, a more streamline and minimal wallet solution is usually the best option, that’s why we decided to check out The Wallet Co.‘s Compact Wallet.

This pint-sized card and cash holder is essentially the same dimensions as any common bank card, meaning that your wallet is just as big as it needs to be, literally.

Made out of a high-quality stretchy nylon, it allows you to slide your cards (and some folded notes if need be) into the casing of the wallet. To avoid you scratching at and yanking out all your cards while trying to buy a coffee, a simple pull-tab allows the nylon belt to pull out the cards in easy manner to access the one you need for the job.

There isn’t a stitched pocket per se, but due to the pull-tab running through the middle and being firmly attached into the nylon wallet, there is a makeshift pocket on the back, allowing you to slide a key, a coin or two, or something small if you needed.

The Compact Wallet also comes in three colours – black, grey, and red – giving you some options for your smaller-sized option to stand out from the crowd.

If you find yourself primarily using the likes of SnapScan or Zapper to make purchases, while only ever really using one or two bank cards when card purchases are necessary, then the Compact Wallet is a great choice to lighten up your daily pocket weight and rid yourself the excuse of squashing slips and other paraphernalia in there ‘just because you can’.

As an added bonus, The Wallet Co. has given MenStuff readers the opportunity to knock 10% off all items from their store. All you need to do is use code MENSTUFF which will give you the discount as well free delivery anywhere in SA. The voucher expires 10 October.

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