Best Smartphone Accessories for the Holidays

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Prep for the holidays with these smartphone-saving accessories!

The December holidays are almost upon us, and that means two things — 1) Santa is almost here (awww yiss) and 2) it’s time to consider some preventative measures to protect your smartphone. Why? Well, because holiday-ing and travel can be taxing on one’s device; so before you jet or drive off to your vacation destination, here are 5 travel-worthy accessories to consider for your smartphone.

Houdt Cherrywood Case (iPhone 7/8) – R250

Phone cases are a necessary evil when the majority of us are walking around with valuable smartphones in our pockets. Most of the time, these cases are utilitarian and rather unsightly in design because their primary function is saving your phone in the event of a tumble. If you’re looking for something that beats most other cases in the style department, then Houdt’s wooden cases might be just what you’re looking for. They’ve got a variety of designs, but the basic Cherrywood tops our list for its simplistic but attractive look.

RiCharge 6000Mah Power Bank – R399

These days, we rely on our smartphones for everything, from personal communication to all our business and job responsibilities – we’ve got to be available 24/7. While it does mercifully quiet down dramatically during the holidays, chances are instead of answering emails and checking your calendar, you’re going to be taking pictures, videos, and frequenting social media instead. Depending on where you are, it might not always be possible to charge your phone easily in a coffee shop or car, so a power bank is a good thing to keep handy on holiday to make sure you don’t drop off the radar while out on the town. A decent place to start is RiCharge’s 6000Mah model.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom bluetooth speaker – R1,299

Of course, no holiday is complete without some tunes! This super-portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker offers surprisingly big sound, allowing you to enjoy 10 hours of clear, crisp, non-stop sound with punchy, beautiful bass. Simply power on, pair with your smartphone, and press play, pause or skip right from your speaker. Invite friends over for dinner and easily connect two Wonderboom speakers for even more sound and double the fun. You can check out the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom bluetooth speaker here.

LifeProof FRE iPhone 7 Case – R1,099

LifeProof prides themselves on making the ultimate in environment-proof cases, and this iPhone 7 case boasts not only a screen protector and protective covering, but goes the extra mile by insulating the phone from the elements completely. It’s drop proof, dirt proof, waterproof and even snow proof (for those lucky few hitting the slopes instead of enduring South Africa’s blazing December heat). All the phone’s functions and switches are still accessible through the case, and LifeProof offers a 24 month warranty on this product to boot.

Sport BP Watch – R499

True fitness die-hards know that workouts and training regimens don’t stop, not even for the holiday season. Whether it’s a morning jog or just some callisthenics, some of us have to break a sweat each and every day. If you’re heading out on holiday and want to keep track of your body’s biometrics, the Sport BP watch can fulfil all the essential functions; it logs heart rate, sleeping patterns, counts steps, heart-rate warning, blood pressure, and even sends through phone notifications.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up some of our very own weFix favourites!

1. Keep busy on the long road or on rainy days and see videos and photos like you’ve never seen them before with the *weFix VR HeadsetR249.
2. Fidgeting? The *weFix fidget spinners should do the trick. R39.
3. weFix lightning earphones offer superior sound quality and come with a handy carry case. No tangling here. R499.
4. No more scrambling for that adaptor. Plug in two devices at once with the weFix wall chargerR249.
5. A spare one is always handy, especially these holidays when you always seem to need them. Meet our MicroUSB and lightning cables. From R179.
6. This summer, keep your friends close, and your smartphone closer with our brand spanking new *weFix lanyardsR49.
7. We’ve got you covered! Give your screen that extra protection with our trusty screen protector range. From R129.

*Available at selected weFix stores.

And if you’re in need of some smartphone repairs ahead of the holidays, get in touch with the trustworthy guys in town, WeFix. Check out the weFix online store and Tweet them @weFix to say hi!


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