3 Must-Haves For Your Winter Sports Bag For Under R350

Make sure you’re geared-up for winter with these essential items.

It’s true: Winter is coming. Despite the outdated proverbial pop-culture phrase, it is indeed getting colder, and with sports and gym-visits back on the cards, we’ve got exactly what you need to make your next fitness session a comfortable one, rather than an awkward scramble of iciness.

Compression Tights

Price: R299.99

You may only think they’re for the pros, but getting yourself a pair of compression leggings is a great idea for winter. Not only do they provide warmth for your muscles, but they also lend some compression to your meat-pins, taking off some impact on your thighs and calves when running, as well as promoting blood-flow. MRP Sport has a great pair (which we’ve personally tried out) for a reasonable price, that also is made from a wickable fabric that draws sweat away from the skin, keeping you drier and ensuring your body temperature is stabilised in both hot and cold weather.

A proper sports bag

Price: R349

If there’s anything we’ve learnt over the years, you tend to carry more stuff to gym or your sports matches in winter than in summer, so using the same tightly-crammed backpack isn’t going to work. You need something a bit more robust with a few extra zips and pockets. So, a great backpack like the Totalsports Tog Bag, which is a compact size to throw over your shoulder or into the car, but large enough and featuring enough storage to carry everything you need.

Anti Odour Shoe Spray

Price: R39.99

With winter comes condensation and wetness, so keeping your running or training shoes, football or rugby boots, or any workout gear dry and bacteria-free is important. MRP Sport has an odour-eliminating shoe spray that features a tea-tree scented formula to ensure that your footwear smells fresh and clean before and after every use. A few quick sprays after your workouts will make a huge difference.

*This article is not sponsored and purely features products we purchased, tested, and loved from the various stores.

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