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Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Us a Look at his Sneaker Taste

High-tops or low-cuts – what does Ronaldo lean towards?




Something that should be expected of most athletes these days: they’re sneaker-heads. Whether some grew up aspiring to own that they previously couldn’t get due to humble beginnings, or whether they’ve been exposed to sneaker culture later in life – a lot of pro athletes have sneaker collections worthy of being envied.

Ronaldo is no different, and the Nike athlete and global footballing idol met up with Complex to discuss the sneakers that meant something to him growing up, and to pick up some kicks while he’s at it. They’ve had some pretty big names on their sneaker shopping series – but will this be Complex’s be biggest episode? It’s already got almost 7 million views and counting.

Clearly Ronaldo is a Jumpman fan, but which of the sneakers that he picked up are you feeling? Let us know!

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