Land Rover Unveils Special 70th Anniversary V8 Defender

A personal touch to the iconic Landy.

When it comes to iconic 4x4s, one of the most recognisable off-road silhouettes is Land Rover’s Defender. The boxy, uncompromised design made no illusion about the fact that it’s built for no-nonsense outdoor function and doesn’t care about frills and niceties.

While Land Rover’s other models have significantly departed from those angular lines they may have been renowned for, for the Defender’s 70th anniversary, the company is releasing a beast of a V8 throwback to the model’s heyday.

The V8 motor will produce a shade under 300kW in power output, which they say will manage to haul its impressive frame from 0-100km/h in a rapid 5.6 seconds, using an 8-Speed automatic gearbox that includes a sport mode. The chassis build will be available in two wheelbase configuration lengths, the 90 or 110, and will also feature upgraded brakes and a handling kit consisting of improved springs, dampers, and anti-roll bars.

In terms of looks, it’ll come equipped with some intimidating 18-inch’ sawtooth-shaped rims, a blacked out roof, and a full-leather interior as well as the Land Rover Classic infotainment system.

The bad news, unfortunately, is that only 150 of these 70th Anniversary Defender Works models will be made available. The iconic nature of the Defender moniker means it’s going to serve more as a collector’s piece, rather than something that’s going to necessarily get thrashed to within an inch of its life on treacherous terrain. But, at around £150,000 (roughly R2.5m) don’t expect to see a ton of these beasts on the road.

Land Rover says they intend to continue the Defender model’s development, though, so perhaps we’ll see some of the features in this amazing edition to come to a full production model!

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