Do You Want to Buy Nic Cage’s Vintage Ferrari? Now You Can!

Ferrari 275

The actor’s rare Italian sports car is on the market!

Buying state of the art hyper cars worth more than some small countries might be what some people go for, but for others, a slice of automobile history is more up their alley – like this 1966 Ferrari 275.

Considering its age, the mileage of roughly 56,000 miles is rather low – and a few of those miles would’ve been done by Nic Cage himself when he owned the car between 2007 and 2014, prior to letting it go.

The current owner Tom Hartley has now made that same tough decision, but he’s done a bare metal restoration to get it into perfect sale condition and has listed it for £2.6 million – which converts to an eye-watering R46 million.

Vintage cars, unlike those newly driven off the showroom floor, can often appreciate in value if they’re pristinely kept and if they’re in demand models, which this one is. Instead of investing in stocks and bonds, maybe an investment like this is better since you can at least enjoy it every now and then!

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