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This Is The Future Of Vehicle Safety Tests [Video]

Kia Sedona

Kia proposes a new type of crash test that’s set to change the safety game.

Crash test are pretty damn scary. While it’s sometimes fun to see metal crunching, it’s actually terrifying to consider that the tests show what actually happens in car collisions on the road. 

That said, some tests don’t give a full picture of how durable some cars actually are under these crushing circumstances, but Kia has put its best brains together to come up with a genius test that not only showcases the rigidity of its vehicle body structures, but it also looks pretty awesome.

Kia’s prize minivan, the Sedona, is one such car that requires a strong body – it’s a popular car for families, after all, which is the most important thing.

Instead of a traditional crash test against a stationary wall, Kia dropped the car from up high after building a 90-degree angle vertical street using 6219.6 meters of steel pipe. The project took 15 days and 76 personnel to complete. Kia then hoisted the Sedona and dropped it from a height of 12.6 meters, which results in the exact same impact as a standard 56 km/h crash test.

This demonstration is a fresh interpretation of how the vastly improved highly rigidity of the Sedona’s body structure and frame minimise the impact of a crash, which in turn keeps you and your family safe in the event of a collision.

Kia’s Sedona has received the maximum 5-star safety rating from NHTSA and Top Safety Pick from IIHS in the USA. With a rigid body structure composed of 52 percent Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS), Kia’s Sedona ensures a maximum level of safety for drivers and their families, even during extreme situations. 

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