Coffee Machine Technology Meets The Craft Beer Industry

Coffee machine technology gives a new twist to the brewing industry.

Craft beer-making is getting a little spark from another popular and growing beverage industry – coffee-making – as product design and development firm Cambridge Consultants are incorporating coffee machine technology into beer brewing.

The Hoppier is a “merger of an espresso machine and a beer font,” according to the company’s head of food and beverage systems Edward Brunner. It aims to turn beer dispensing into a barista-type experience, where the barman can adjust a gadget fitted to the beer tap to adjust the hoppiness of the brew and offer different blends to different drinkers depending on their preferences.

Using the application of pressure used in espresso machines, Brunner claims he can speed up the dry-hopping process and “by adding extra hops at their point of dispense, keep their volatile aromas as fresh and intense as possible.”

In related news, sales tracking company Majestic was recently interviewed by the Evening Standard this week regarding the explosion of the craft beer market.

“Craft beers bridge the gap between wine and beer,” said Majestic’s chief executive Steve Lewis. “People want something special and more interesting so we are moving away from sales of mass-produced beers,” he added.

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