Puma Voyage Nitro Review — The Evolution of Trail Running Shoes?

Off-road is more fun in these new Puma running shoes.

After nearly two seasons of the Puma Nitro range of road running shoes, the brand’s Nitro Foam technology has now made its way into trail running shoes. The Puma Voyage Nitro is the brand’s first trail running shoe, designed to take you off the beaten track. This innovative new shoe offers trail runners a shoe that prioritises responsiveness, cushioning, and extreme lightness for a more effortless run. The cleverly designed shoe is all about versatility and features cushioning and traction to tackle multi-terrain runs. If you love to mix up your runs between the road and the trail, then the Puma Voyage Nitro will allow you to go wherever the wind takes you.

Putting these new flagship trail running shoes to the test, it’s clear that the German brand has gone above and beyond to ensure that the Voyage Nitro boasts many features that set it apart from other trail running shoes on the market; but even the most avid of mountain-hopping runners will have their personal preferences and must-have elements, so does Puma’s new release tick those boxes for you?

The specialised shoe features a two-part midsole with Nitro foam underfoot for cushioning and responsiveness on the trails. Puma’s Nitro foam technology is infused with nitrogen through an innovative process to create a midsole that is lightweight, yet technically advanced for a smooth ride on even the harshest terrain. If comfort is your top priority when running, then you will love the Voyage Nitro.

The shoe offers incredible responsiveness and a satisfying bounce underfoot, making you feel like you’ve got an added boost with every step. But, while you feel like you’re walking on a cloud when wearing these trail shoes, the sole is also firm in all the right ways, giving a solid base for your runs. It’s also extremely light for a trail running shoe that sports such a mean-looking all-terrain outer sole. The shoe weighs just 350 grams (men’s size UK9) and doesn’t feel heavy or cumbersome on the foot.

Also contributing to the shoe’s super comfortable fit is Puma’s Optifit technology. The Optifit wraps the foot for a secure sock-like, low-boot fit and excellent ankle support on uneven terrain. The inner-lining sock extends all the way to the ankles to keep dirt out and keep your foot locked in place. You get a great snug fit and excellent lockdown with these shoes, as well as incredible support. Your foot stays put, and your ankle feels supported even when you’re tackling tough terrain. For me, it’s the biggest selling point of the Voyage Nitro. These shoes fit me like a glove from the very first wear, and slipping them on felt like a warm, comforting hug from a good friend.

But, the excellent fit of this shoe should come as no surprise. To design this trail running shoe, Puma says it analysed the best fitting running shoes in the industry to develop an improved performance fit through new last shapes based on different usages. As a result, the Voyage Nitro will fit a variety of foot shapes.

The Voyage Nitro also features a durable PumaGrip outsole to enhance the traction of the outsole and provide multi-surface traction. The outsole of these off-road runners gives you a great grip on any surface in any weather condition; from crumbly gravel to rocky terrain. Feel free to venture off when you’re wearing these — the Voyage will shrug off dirt and debris and drain any water you collect along the way. Plus, a rubber toe bumper helps to keep the foot protected at the front, giving you, even more, freedom to explore. Whether it’s placebo or genuinely improved stability, it’s hard not to feel confident in the Voyage Nitros, giving you that mental edge tackle any hills or steep declines when you’re out and about.

This newcomer from Puma is sure to be a winner for any avid trail runner. But they’re also great for someone who is a more leisurely hiker, and even enjoys the occasional trail run, too. And while some trail running shoes tend to be a bit cumbersome, the running DNA pulsing through the Voyage Nitros will appeal to regular runners looking for an off-road option.

Bottom line; it’s a great multi-tasking shoe for hitting the trails. If you’re one who finds hiking shoes to be a bit too clunky and heavy, the Voyage Nitro gives you the option to ditch those hefty hiking boots for something far more comfortable and versatile, and far safer than taking your street-ready but mountain-fearing standard running shoes on your next hike up Lion’s Head.

The Puma Voyage Nitro trail running shoe is now available from Puma South Africa stores, as well as at Totalsports, Cape Union Mart and select retailers at a recommended retail price of R2,799.

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