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Adidas X Speedflow.1 White Spark: A Closer-Look at One of the Hottest Colourways of 2021

Adidas launches the sexiest colourway of the Speedflow line to date.

Jeremy Proome



There have been some sublime football boots which have hit store shelves in 2021, but arguably one of the best releases (possibly one of the best speed boots ever from the brand), is the Adidas X Speedflow.1.

The lightweight and streamlined silo of the boot has become a favourite of pros like Liverpool star Mo Salah and Wallabies international Quade Cooper, among many others, and has found a healthy following with football and rugby players around the world.

Well, Adidas recently updated the colourpack for the boot, and launched a classic, clean, and classy white colourway which they’re dubbing the ‘White Spark’ pack. We got up close and personal to get a better look at the boots and new coat of paint:

We reviewed the Speedflows upon their initial launch, saying: “the Adidas X Speedflow.1 is a fantastic football boot that’ll appeal to fans of speed boots, putting a genuine contender against Nike’s superb Vapor 14.”

The White Spark range is available online through Adidas’ official website and selected retailers from 26 November.

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