This is What the Next Xbox Console Has Inside of It

Xbox One Scorpio console

Digital Foundry gets up close and personal with the next Xbox console!

Microsoft has been keeping a pretty tight lid on its upcoming (and somewhat mysterious) beefed-up Xbox console, Project Scorpio. But if there’s anyone who you’ll need to impress with specs, its technical performance aficionados, Digital Foundry.

Well, Microsoft did exactly that, and flew out Digital Foundry to the company’s Redmond campus for an exclusive preview of the technology in the next Xbox, and they were pretty impressed. Here’s what they had to say so far:

“The numbers, as impressive as they are, don’t fully represent what the final product aims to deliver. Nor can the number of compute units and teraflops represent the passion the Xbox team has injected into this project. Microsoft has a point to prove. It’s not just about performance, it’s about pushing the quality of console design to a new level – in all areas.”

Check out their thoughts on what they saw inside the Scorpio below:

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